🧭 Fifth Path of Valor (Valour; PoV5) Log and Discussion – Starts Sept 28

Going to have to be up early tomorrow or I will miss the very first Daily challenge :frowning_face:

My barracks is having an upgrade - finishes in 21h 31m.

(I’m UK, UTC+1)

Why oh why do we have the various harvesters as rewards in PoV again?

Some ponderings…

  • Does anyone actually use them?
  • Wouldnt they be more useful, in the S2 map, especially during AR?
  • Can we exchange them for something more useful :thinking:

I use them, I just wish you could activate multiple at the same time as I only activate when there isn’t an event or atlantis etc. If you use them strategically you can level a hero just before war, get the resources to level a building or to emblem a hero.


I agree, they seem useless as they are.

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will there be hunt the dragon for 300 points?

FYI - More resources are gleaned through raiding rather than farming S1 map.

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IF there is “Hunt the Dragon” (big IF), it will only be 150 points :frowning_face:

(Would love to see it though :+1:)

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Raid tournaments and hero pulls, two worst challenges that can be :c

As feared, the Defeat Titans challenge has the double whammy star requirement back.

As the move to the next level you have to beat higher rated Titan - that’s fair enough but the quantity of those higher Titans goes up too !


  1. Quantity of 7 at all levels (still means total kills = 35)
  2. Start at 9 x 2 star and decrease quantity as rating increases, ending at 5 x 6 star (still 35 kills)
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That’s the same issue I had with the raids one last PoV. I think the qty should run in reverse.

I am not saying it is the best or only way, I only mentioned it can be beneficial as you have the world energy anyway :woman_shrugging:t3:

Path of Valor is back. I have mixed feelings about the summon mission. They removed it, people stopped collectimg silver tokens and now “surprise”, the summons mission is back…

I had 60 summon tokens while on the previous POV I had 150+. I was among those who stopped collecting them. Silly me. :roll_eyes:

Edit: not saying this event is a bad one. I already purchased the pass and planning to complete it. I just have mixed feelings. :smiley:


Can we finally get rid of all those harversers?
I would prolly use more 5x adventurers kit instead of any harvester, and as much as we speak about this in our alli, iam not the only one who feels the same.
Esp as reward at stage 49 - thats kinda ridiculous.


Re: Harvesters and Titan challenge

See my post from previous PoV (4) here. (From about halfway).

If you are smart the pull challange is easily doable. Just dont spend the silver coins until you get a PoV with the pulls thing. You can easily collect 100+ coins a month especially if there is a valor without pulls.


…Valor pass reward for level 9 : 10x minor healing poition…ehm,…WHAT ? :grin:

I don´t use them,…but I wait,…the day will come, and it can be use on all Seasons maps :expressionless:

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Yeah, I had 0 saved for this one.
I think they are just mixing it up to stop it being TOO monotonous, so it isn’t too boring for us.
If it was the exact same challenges each month, you can’t deny it would be boring and too easy.

But to bring them all back in one single month is a bit messed up - by that I mean they could have just added summons + raid tournaments. Instead of Star Specific Titans, plus those 2 mentioned.

But oh well. I am sure i will be able to do them all, or at least get all rewards.

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I hope you are correct. :star_struck:

Otherwise IMHO the harvesters, which can only be used in S1 maps, are useless as why would you waste WE flasks when the loot dropped farming S2 during AR is so much better :sweat:.

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Another PoV making me participate in wars :man_facepalming:t3:

Please, remove that!

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