Fierce Llama Running Builds New Alliance

The core group from the Wildlings/Dik Diks/antelopes is running free of family for a while. Come join us and help us reach our top 500 goal. We are chill and respectful and work super well together as a team. Currently on 11* with 18 players and aiming for 12/13. We love this team and we love playing together. 4300 tp; 2200 cups; 12+ max 5*. Come check us out. Long standing experience.

I’m not from any of these original alliances, but when my old alliance dissolved after 2.5 years I found Brindianella in AR and thought I’d join. These last 2 weeks have felt more like family than the 2.5 years I put into my old alliance. They’re knowledgeable, they strategize, and everyone works together. If you want a friendly, competitive alliance, come hang out with Fierce Llama Running. You’re welcome here.

I’ve been with this group for a few years and they are a really great team to work with. We practice war strategies to help individuals maximize their points. Quiet, fun and helpful bunch of guys and gals. We have openings, so come join us.

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