Fiends are overly destructive .. revise

The season 4 heroes are overly destructive. For e.g. Elizibeth, combine her with 2 heroes (2 specific ones i will not name) it will be an impossible fight. Your energy will be so far down u will loose in 2 rounds, secondly you will be unable to remove the fiends as the only possibly way of removing them is if ur healer goes off. I honestly do not think the developers propperlly assesed the situation and stratagies used in this game by its players… Yes i understand the hero has to be more powerful for you to make money, but if you destroy the playability by creating a spending neiche you will soon loose your players… I would like to suggest you revise the fiends slightly in at least 1 of 2 ways. Mana reduction or a self destruct timer as seen is status effects.

I think it’s too early yet (currently she has only been available from the portal for 11.5 hrs)to call for them to be revised and adjusted.

Whilst there does appear to be a great synergy it does need 2 if not 3 heroes of different colours levelled up at the same time. In that time there could be enough time to level up some of your own and focus on taking one of them out to make things less devastating.

People will find work around to deal with them in the same way they always have.

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Friendly battle vs Elisabeth+20:

Fiends go away after massive healing. Hence the 5 healers :slight_smile:


They messed up and did not make her fast like Frigg and Odin. Maybe they will make up for it and revise to very fast?

I do not intend to cause chaos… its just an observation and in no way intended to create discord.

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Yeah thats one of the few ways… but it kinda makes it booring having to play with only healers… and if u face a combination of alfrike, elizibeth and quintus, your healer idea goes out the window. Or , elizebeth, teluria, and francios , again it becomes and impossible situation

Haven’t been able to test those defenses yet, but I don’t see a problem tbh.

Not only Elizabeth, but Lepiota is a 6* hero

I only see her as a 5 star. What am i missing ?

Elizabeth looks really good. But I dont know if she’s OP or not. As said before it’s too early to see if she’s OP or not.

I do have to admit, I fear she might be… but I could be wrong.

But in all honesty, there will probably be some heroes in the future that counter fiends. I just hope they dont lock them behind massive pay walls.

C Gormek was a very good and relatively easy to get counter vs all those minions. I hope they do something similar here.

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