Fiends and No heal tournaments?

Hey all. Season 4 introduced new feature, fiends. For now only Elizabeth and Vollermork have this but i believe more heroes will come with fiends. As you know fiends can only be dismissed with healing. What will happen in no heal tournaments? You will stuck with them forever? An option must be added for tournaments for these heroes otherwise it will be a huge difference.


You can also remove fiends by replacing them with minions

Every tournament is broken in some way (Alfrike in vfast for example) so I don’t think we need change with no heal and fiends


Are you sure it is possible to replace fiends with minions? How many of minions would you need?
3 minions?

Yes you can and yes you need 3 minions

They don’t stay forever anyway

They do stay forever in bloody battle unless you displace them with minions.

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The assumption probably is they don’t stay when all your heroes are dead cause you couldn’t remove them :rofl:


My Elizabeth is +10. She’s doing circa 45 ish damage a turn with the fiends. In a bloody battle that’s not really game breaking. You bring her because the mana drop will start to hurt but unlike Telluria she’s not capable of taking 3 tiles if you’ve stacked against her.

So a 5* no blue bloody battle is probably her “time to shine”

Which is an incredibly niche time to be ok.

I’ve been using her in my red stack for a week now and honestly I’m a little underwhelmed by her in truth.


Sorry I misread or misunderstood effect 3 of her special.

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Well she does 175 damage to all ,plus almost 30% of every opponents health what more do you want a one shot destroys all enemies hero? 175 direct damage plus 30% of everyone , plus manna reduction! I can’t imagine anyone this strong in the game period!!

She looks amazing on paper. I don’t deny that.

But I feel like the raids I win I would have won with any other Red in her place. She doesn’t make the sort of impact you think. At average speed by the time you have charged her at least one opposing hero is already dead.

I haven’t felt she has won me a raid with a clutch special like Mitsuko or Grazul.

She doesn’t herself hit all that hard. If it was 175% fast then sure.

All I can tell you is how she feels. I put her in my Rush war defence flanking Heimdall, total TP 4715. I was one shot 4/4 times. Previous war with Khagan in the same spot I was taking multiple flags for my points.

And she can’t shine in a rush war she isn’t shining in any defence.


Truthfully on paper she is more powerful than telly ever was. I know you see her alot in the top tier players so she can’t be all that bad and average with a manna troop could become functionally fast!!

Yep but it really doesn’t feel all that amazing using her.

It’s just a new mechanic that’s not been seen yet but there’s stronger S3 & S4 heroes than her.

Telly could take some damage…Lizzie really can’t and as such just isn’t as impactful.

Maybe if I paired her with my Uraeus when I’ve ascended him I’ll see something special but right now she’s ok. Nothing spectacular

I have her too and feel the same. She’s well balanced imo and far from being broken like frigg and odin are at fast speed.
Her beeing average make her just good but not OP as many thinks. In defense She can’t be tank but only flank and at average she will only fire once.

30 health of all players and 175 on top of that . Say your hero has 1500 health that’s 450 damage per health add in the 175 and your total is 625 damage to all at average speed. Does that sound logical ?? 625 to all at average speed? Seems like it may be a little over the top if you disagree I challenge you to tell me a hero at average speed who deals 625 to all. Go ahead I’ll wait!!

Killhare does, odin and frigg also do it at fast speed…

Beside your calculation is incorrect, reducing heal is not equivalent to taking damages.

Offensively Guardian kong is much more klutch than her. Defensively she’s not OP at all but just okay.

She doesn’t do 30% of health damage.

And counting reduced healing as “damage” is particularly wrong for a bloody battle tournament.

This is honestly a storm in a teacup.

When Odin & Frigg were released it was a “wow” moment seeing them in action. I have 2 Frigg…Even after the balance she’s amazing still.

Elizabeth isn’t in the same league. You are convincing yourself she is…I telling you she isn’t.

Not because I have her and I don’t want any changes…I petitioned heavily for changes to Telluria & Vela despite having both. I was in favour of the same for Frigg. She was a little too good.

Lizzie just isn’t that amazing…I honestly wish she was. She is good. Maybe to very good in the right circumstances. Broken OP??? Nowhere near.


Elizabeth as fast hero would be Comparable to frigg and odin. But as average hero she is still strong but not really an issue.

Complaining about some certain heroes in tournaments is useless.

Nobody complains about:

  1. Skadi and her stack that lasts forever
  2. Alfrike who is a save A-Defense hero in rush tournaments
  3. Gullinbursti the same in rush 4star tournaments
  4. Maybe krampus and blackknight in rush.
  5. Kailani and gunnar in 3star rush are a pain…
  6. Kvasir in no heal

So yes, some heroes do have a strong usabaility in certain tournaments or field aids.

And? Would you all just want to have hero rosters and max up 7 liannas, 8 sartanas, 5 seshats, 11 gravemaker, 5 ariel and so on? …

Man… it really gets me… all the time people shout for the game being to easy and that only fast sniper and fast heroes in particular are “good”.
But as soon as some other heroes play a very strong role, everywhere there are popping threads about nerfing here and there.

(I personally do think that frigg and odin should be nerfed in a way, that they are weaker in defense and maybe even a little stronger in offense. The damage increase by tiles is a fun idea but is not very well balanced yet)

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