Fiends and minion interaction

From my understanding, a hero can have at most 3 minions/fiends at one time. If a 4th one is summoned, it would push the oldest fiend/minion off.

But this happened during war last week:

From this, it seems that fiends don’t push off other fiends?

What does it look like immediately after that happens? I bet they’re back to having three.


No, the more recent fiend didn’t push off the 1st fiend.

I’m guessing what happens is that Elizabeth does damage first and kills my freya minion so that theres only 2 or less minion/fiends per hero. Then Elizabeth summons the fiends. But the animation shows the fiends appearing first before the damage. Idk

i’ve seen that happen before during the animation. when the turn is over (i.e., when the game prompts you to make a match on the board to move things along), the minion/ fiend total returns to the maximum allowed.

this is probably what happened in terms of the resolution of Elizabeth’s special. did Clarissa and Freya have fiend-moth-fiend on their cards?

Yes this was the situation after the “turn was over”. I have the video and rewatched it several times and I think it happened like I explained above. I guess it’s just more of a visual thing and not a real bug. Thanks

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You should show the picture after the animation is finished.

Yes that is how the animation work.

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About couple of months ago (I think and updated has been released in the meantime) I’ve tried up some friendly raids and found out minions were actually taking out fiends.

Eg: firstly a hero got a fiend; then an ally summoned minions, up to 3; 3rd one was taking out the fiend.

Was a pretty exciting new, even if I don’t have good summoners for raiding.

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