Fiend bug! pay attention!

Hi guys!
Once scoratek release a fiend, the fiend should explode only after 3 turns - and deal 600 damage!!!

Unfortunately, there is a bug! once a healer in the enemy team cast theire special skill the fiend dissapears! healers without dispell abilities even!

I contacted game support but they have ignored and canceled all my claims. They claim that after absorbing 30% hp it should disappear - funny right??
but I have videos that prove otherwise! That the fiend didnt even had the chance to absorbed 30% and the healer made it dissapear!! I have videos! So Judge for yourself and if this happened to you too with scoratek please share here! Thank you :heart:

Unless I’m missing something, everything you describe sounds like normal behavior. All fiends disappear after absorbing a certain percentage of healing. If any healer fires on the opposing team, chances are Scoratek’s fiend will disappear because 30% isn’t that much.

Funny you mention dispel because it has absolutely no influence on this.


Doesn’t the fiend absorb 30% from the healing that the healer casts on their allies? That is what makes it disappear. I don’t see what the bug is.

Edit: most healers heal 40+% so there is even some leftover to heal the ally of fiend damage.


I think behavior is expected as others saying it too.


That’s normal behaviour, not a bug. It would be a bug if the feind wouldn’t go away after being healed. Dispell has nothing to do with feinds what so ever…


If any of u guys had scoratek to test what i said u would find out that the fiend dont have the chance to even absord 20% and it dissapears!

Unfortunately i have videos as prof but it just dosent let me uploud them here. Other members of my alliance claim the same thing happend to them.

And from another perspective - if the fiend dosent have the chance to stay 3 turn in order to explode and deal 600 damage - what is the point of the special skill anyway???

I have Scoratek. Very good hero. Good timing is what you need. Don’t throw bombs, when enemy healer is close to fire.


Maybe for you to learn about timing said special skill? :wink: It’s a useful skill for the players as many special skills work their best when timed correctly.


Not that many healers only heal 20% – BT, Zimkitha, Holly, maybe Heimdall (flat 500 heal) … ? HOT’s maybe ?

Most heal enough to pass the 30% needed to make the fiend disappear. This is why I use multiple healers when facing fiend-making opponents.

And if no healer fires in the 3 turns – bang! Plus the 38% every turn adds up too.

You can link videos from another site if you have them up anywhere else, like YouTube.

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A lot of defence teams don’t use a healer, which makes home good there. A further option is combining with a hero that reduces or steals healing

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Yes indeed, you need to time it right to fire the special when the mana bar is full.


That is a tricky skill to master.


I think this is some troll post

LOL which one?

The OP as in opening post

Tnx for your answer :heart:

Not the first time someone didn’t understand how fiends work. So prolly not a troll post.

Fiends go away when they have absorbee % of healing. They dont go away from absorbing health directly