Field aid progression bar

A member in my alliance pointed out that the field aid progression bar fills once his turn is over rather then as hits are being made. Has this always been the case? I also thought the bar increased as hits are being made rather then it all being added at one time after your turn. For example, your playing your turn making hits and the progress bar does not increase, but once its the opponents turn the field aid bar advances. It looks like hes correct but maybe its always been this way and it just wasnt noticed, although I think its new behavour as I always watched the field aid in a case were I needed to flee, I would fight till the bar was almost full then flee, but know I dont know where the bar level is until my turn is over

Let me see if I can find some old War videos, one sec…

Yeah it has always been the case.

The speed at which the bar fills is also dependent on how many enemies are still on the board.

So if you’re facing 5x enemies the bar will fill slower than if you go for a cleanup against only 1 enemy.

But yes, it has always been the case where the bar fills regardless of tiles.

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Can see it in action in this video of mine:


I grabbed some screenshots from a War in March 2019 that show what @Guvnor’s video shows, step by step.

Match Begins:

Tile move made:

My turn ends, and the Field Aid bar starts to animate:

Slash attacks from Defense team start, and animation of Field Aid bar is complete:


looks like you may be right, but in the video it looks like the bar fills before her turn is over, on mine it seems to fill once my turn is done. Im trying to get a video over but it looks to large.

If you post a video on YouTube, you can embed it on the Forum by pasting the video link on a line by itself. There’s unfortunately no way to upload videos directly to the Forum.

Ah ok, but looking at the videos above again, it looks right, not sure if its because it was pointed out and I looked at it to deeply it looked wrong. But cool thank you for the info, I will virtually slap him around for bringing this up and making me look into it. :+1: :metal:


Lol not too hard haha

It’s worth asking the question


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