Field aid is ruining the game

Ok, so im beating a dead horse here with regards to field aid during war. Without going into details about why it sucks, we all have our reasons, i would like to ask the following question.

Why can’t alliances have the option to opt out of wars in which field aid is enabled? Yes, it may prolong getting matched up with another alliance that has also opted out but there are so many alliances now I dont think it would be a big deal. I honestly believe that most alliances would eventually opt out, which would finally force SG to completely eliminate the worst aspect of the game.

I’m taking a few days off from the game just to relax and enjoy the summer. Games are suppose to be enjoyable, not stress inducing. When it gets to that point its time to walk away.

Have a great weekend, im gonna make a margarita, listen to some good music and float in the pool.

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