Field aid increases mana

Hi. We are experiencing a problem with the field aid in this current war. When field aid goes off, it not only heals but increases the enemies mana as well. This has just happened to me and I lost the attack from a strong position because of it

What you’re seeing is the mana increase at the end of the turn. Field Aid triggers before the end of turn mana increase.

First war flag just a few minutes ago of mine…


Not quite what happened with me, 3 of the 4 heroes where no where near full mana before field aid, but where fully manad up after field aid. Also, the field aid bar remained just under half without me making another match after this happened

Did the opponent have Alberich or Misandra?

No Dave, none of them

Well you’ll have to take a video of it happening or screenshots. Impossible to tell anything from just your description.

I’ll see what I can do in the second half

There are more heroes with that skill, not only Alby and Misandra. Better tell us at least what team you attacked, the 5 heroes.

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