Field Aid Doesn't Help Either Side

This is a battle of wits, and yes luck does come into play at times. I have mentioned it before and I get responses like " it favors both sides" and such. But it does not! For example I had worked out how to beat my opponent in a way where I can use the tiles in a way to benefit my heroes and come out victorious despite them having the upper hand. Everything was going good and I’m about to decimate the most powerful hero. But just then when you think you got the upper hand their heroes get replenished. Why! I get defeated and lose points for my alliance which none of us want to do if it can be avoided. I’m quit sure the opponent would be disappointed had they beent challenging me and the same thing happened, which it does we just can’t see it.
Fair enough if the ‘field assist’ assisted my heroes at the same time during the battle then one can say it benefits both sides. One might as well go into this battle and hope for the best because planning appears basically non existant.
All I’m asking is try and see this thing from a different perspective. Make it that both sides get assisted in real time, rather than just the one.

Here is a topic with similar grumbles about field aid: Can we just get rid of Field Aid already?


I absolutely agree…get rid of it. Were fighting a computer which already has the upper hand. Also when my healer is purple I have only 5 purple pieces on the board. Get rid of the field aid!!

Please continue this discussion in the thread linked above.

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