Field aid bug

there is no way I could not do any damage to him. I should have beat him. You have a major bug with the field aid you need to fix. Giving him health and attack at the same time and his mana was not full so I know it was not his special replenishing his healt.

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This is not a field air war, this is an attack boost war. Easiest way to defeat this Rigard would be to charge up all your heroes by ghosting tiles (sending them at the empty spaces) and charge up all your heroes without charging Rigard up and attack him at the same time with all your specials. Best order would be Ulmer, Bane, Balthazar, Isshtak.

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No ■■■■ really? The problem is that he was receiving health when the attack booster went off

I need to see video before I’ll believe that.

Not like I can do a replay of that match.

This is true lol. Happy cake day btw!

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