Field Aid And Arrow Barrage

Since my alliance participated in alliance wars, we have noticed that only the attack team benefited from the use of field aid, attack boost and arrow barrage. As soon as any one of those bars filled we attempted to use them but they wouldn’t work for any of us during any war!

That’s not the case for our Alliance! It’s always the attack team that benefits!

That is not possible. For example, in the current war if your opponent attacks you they will be hurt by the arrow barrages. Do you have any proof of something different happening?


Yes! That’s why I created the post. It’s completely unfair! Another thing is, why match us up with an alliance that’s stronger than us? No one in my alliance is ranking high in cups nor do we have fully maxed and leveled heroes!

I wish I did! That would solidify the validity of what’s actually happening during war.

Ohhhh… So your post is about unfair war matchmaking.

There are multiple threads on the topic. Superior team work and communication can counter teams that look strong on paper.

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How do we upload pictures?

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Okay. Since you don’t have any proof, so unfortunately this cannot be categorized as a bug, so I will just recategorize it to something more general. There are lots of great articles in the forum on how to win wars. Don’t judge an opponent just by their defense teams, they might lack depth or strategy.


The modifiers are supposed to be helping the defending team only. It is kind of weird that it would be helping offense. If field aid was helping offense I would be running Triton a heck of a lot more.


The members in my alliance are the proof!

I don’t have any of those kind of heroes.

This isn’t a bug, nor is it an error.

All the effects in the War are in favour of the defence team… There is no benefit (nor has there ever been) to the attacking player.

Raid tournaments are different in that the special rule affects BOTH the attacker and defender.

As @Gryphonknight and @ThePirateKing said, the effect is for both DEFENDING sides… So yes, in field aid when you’re attacking, the defending team get healing… But they’re experiencing the exact same thing in their attacks.


What kind of strategy is there for a team like this

Enemy’s team! Here’s my team! How do they figure match making? Clearly the enemy’s team overpowered my team by heroes and troops! Strategy isn’t the solution to the game’s performance output.

Can you tell us the war scores of the two alliances? That will clear everything up. What you are showing is one to one difference. Definitely there will be some person in your alliance who can take on that team. You should concentrate on hitting the lower level teams or do cleanups. That always works. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just checked the war scores of the two alliances and it seems that you guys are equal in strength. Remember, war score is determined by the top 30 heroes and troops of a player. So what you see on the defense team are just 5 of them. So there is no way of gauging someone’s true bench strength.

But, I suppose, at those low numbers sometimes the war matchmaking can be a little lopsided.


I just checked that. Not a clue = 3582, Trauma Unit = 3599

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Do you think I would make a post about this if I’m telling you that it’s not working for no one in my alliance? I’m quite sure that there’s some kind of algorithm that notifies the developers of this attempt from the very beginning of the wars my alliance participated in! I’m not here to post any fraudulent conveyances. Being as though I can’t show you what I mean in physical existence without video, I have to show by pictures and text messages hoping that you will get what I’m conveying here!!

The Trauma Unit, is the right alliance!

That one player’s team overpowered everyone in my alliance. Come on, let’s be real!

Sure, I can do that!