Field Aid: A How To

Heres how our war against aggressive is going so far…


You can’t use Field Aid directly, it’s automatic for the Defense team.

Your War Defense team has Field Aid when your opponents attack it, just like you’re experiencing when you attack.

That’s the same for the Arrow Barrage and Attack Boost War Enemy Support as well.

They’re all effects that apply to the defending teams.


you probably have learned by now that field aid is automatically controlled by A/I for the defending team - it is automatically applied when your defenders are attacked as well - that’s how you give them a taste of their own medicine!

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Try to imagine that field aid is like an invisible 6th hero on your opponents team… You can’t see it but it’s there. And it works the same for your defence. Aids are equivalent to a non emblemed 3* hero (imo) when putting your attack teams together try to include heros that match the field aid… So if it’s healing aid that means the opponent will heal faster than your heros so be sure to include a healer on your team so your heros can stay alive too… If its attack boost try to include a hero that also boosts your heros (like a kiril or a boldtusk) and if it’s arrow attack i usually try to ensure my healer is fast, if not sometimes I’ll add a counter attacker to help shave off life from the oppo or i might even add a 2nd healer… If you’re new to the game Wars can be one of the best places to really learn what heros work well together and which don’t because you go in without the benefit of mats… Hopefully as a newbie you’re in an alliance who will help mentor you. Don’t be afraid to ask, most experienced players are more than happy to help newer ones to grow… And don’t forget your troops… Ppl can often work hard on maxing heros and neglect their troops. The better your troops the better and faster your heros… Just like in a rl field war, the troops are the ones to create the damage while the heros sit on their horses and finish the oppo off with their special skills and sniper attacks’… Hope this helps…

I think that for the top-dogs the war aids do not mean much… They are going in for the kill and either oneshot the target or mangle it…

The aids (all of them) are more impactfull for the cleaners becouse the aid speeds up with every dead enemy…

So I think the healing Field Aid is more of a burden for the lower TP players than for the one hitters.

And although the mentioned Azar,Ganju,Balta,Valen,Berden combo used to kill a cornered 5 star healer or Rigard this is no longer the case becouse of the emblems…

And there comes Seshtat… with a few emblems and you have hit a brick wall… a few unemblemed 3 stars will NOT kill her…

So there is a power creep… before the talent system it was “easy-ish” for a cleaner to take out a Vivi or Seshtat from the corner… this is no longer possible…

If your war planner instructs you (as a low level player) to do cleaning duties on a wing healer during field aid, they are a sociopath or an idiot. Rule #1 ‘hitters’ take out the tank and wing healers (+flank healers). (if they mess up that should be on them). Cleaners should be doing non healer related ‘cleaning’ duties that they have a chance with.

Look at the bar when field aid will trigger. Wait a turn or 2 if your heroes are already charged. Wait to charge all heroes at once. Wait field aid to be done…then attack all heroes until you kill your target … Take out heroes one by one. …Charge your heroes. Wait for field aid to trigger. Kill a hero. Repeat.

I have my best war performances on field aid.

I heard many players complaining about field aid as kind of broken…looking at my war results I am pretty sure arrow attack is the most nasty effect in war not field aid.


The arrow attack is a pox imo but field aid is my favourite too.

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