Fidete, sed verificate. Three old players, 16k+ score lfm

Friendly helpful mostly game related chat, for older players. If you are lf twitter or tinder, this is not a best fit. We are active, mature friends, who get our game on, and looking to expand with like minded active fun individuals who don’t say stoopid ****, and have a real life to meet their nongame related needs. Cool, funny, active, all we ask. Peace.

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Score of about 17,000, so the Wars have been pretty fun so far for us.image.

More fun when more show. I wish people would realize that you quite literally have NOTHING to lose. On my sixth atk, I was using a couple of lvl 1 2* feeders…who cares. I still got my 66 extra points on, and used my last warpass. Got spanked, oh well, no harm no foul. C’est la Guerre, eh?

My alt is in what is most likely the most laid back active alliance in E&P. The alliance is almost a year old with many of the original members. I was going to make a recruitment post this week, but saw your post and thought it may be a good match.
Brave Souls is the alliance. Stop by!

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