FFS make normal notifications finally for people that will make them useable and comfort!

What about various options of push notofications? Because current system is awful. I don’t want to see every 5 minutes that someone attacked me in raid, i don’t care about that. But also i don’t want to turn them off, i want to receive notifications about titan loot or appear, energy full, building complete etc. Also will be good to regulate some notifications and people will like that. For example i need to know when alliance energy will be 1 or 2, world energy 20 (20 from no matter how max), and turn off any raid notifications, it just an example. Don’t ask for what, for some people it will be comfortable, who don’t need this then just won’t use that, no big deal.

Event Summon Tokens: These have been discussed, but we’re likely to first to release a few more all-new Challenge Events during early 2018 before investigating this further.

Any common epic summon tokens for any reward from event =>>> THIS event epic summon tokens! You can also make it even autousable or somethings like that. Thoughts

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