Fewer Hero Capacity Slots after update?

I had 135 slots before update and 132 now? I’d like to know if anyone else has noticed this? I payed gems for these extra slots and if anything they should provide substantially more, not less in an update.


Mine didn’t change. Not sure everyone saw it, but the release notes include this part:

If you can call that a note…more like a hint…nudge nudge wink wink…you been screwed

Edit: ok, seriously. The note seems to mean the devs are either giving or taking slots based on an unknown formula (see before edit).

I have to ask if this is another speed bump. In another thread there was mention the devs may have frowned at speed levelling: Will one or two less roster spots hinder that tactic, or is it a cash grab if players want to replicate that process?

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I asked what that means in Beta, didn’t receive any answer. The SG people rarely explain anything…

But with enough people posting the max capacity before and after, we might be able to guess how it changed.

level 46, before 105, after 105.

Edit: I just leveled. level 47, 107 slots. Looks like there’s a curve indeed.

It sounds to me like the devs created a new “curve” to give space increases on levelups, and are now adjusting everyone where they would be on that curve based on their current level. I’m at level 37, got 2 spaces added; an alliance team mate at level 45 got 8 (!) additional spaces.

If my theory is correct, then everyone who’s at the same level should have the same amount of spaces added or removed based on that level.

EDIT: I now remember we noticed among our alliance some time ago that some people on higher levels (20s or so if I remember right) had plateau’d with 55 spaces, while some had 65… so if there was an earlier discrepancy that was never resolved till now (?) then that will still present difference for some people on the same level… but I still expect most will see the same numbers on the same level. Theoretically…

stealth are you absolutely sure? what level are you? i could SWEAR i went from 135 to 128 (level 44). but then i found a screenshot from early april and i actually went from 125 to 128.

before the update you got hero slot increase in groups of five but only every X levels. so it came in clumps. if you’d just leveled and gotten some, you probably lost a few during the “smoothing” but if you hadn’t gotten any in a few levels, you probably gained.

I used gems to increase my hero cap and nothing changed with the update.

I bought with gems to increase my hero cap ( 20 more spots).Now I leveled up and the hero cap increased with only 2 spots from 80 to 82. Did this thing occured to others?

They actually made the spot increases more frequent but fewer. So no net change, just don’t have to wait so long for the increase 5 at a time.

I’ll find out in a few days if it is fewer for all the players. One of the guys from my alliance will get to level 37 soon and he didn’t bought any spots.Thanks for the answer