Few questions for a beginner


Quite new to the game, I am still questioning myself regarding a couple of things and I would appreciate if someone could give me some kind of answer on these things.

  1. Are troops used in raids ? and more importantly, do they make a big difference ?

  2. Should I select the most defensive bonuses for troops when building my “defense” team ?

  3. I’ve never tried tournaments, are they worth it ? is it providing special rewards ? (knowing that with my score of 2800 I won’t win a lot…)

  4. Once I have 30 chars for the wars(e.g. at least 3* ones, all leveled if possible), can I feed my other 3*'s ? and more generally, I have a bunch of crappy 3*'s already that I never use in wars, should I feed them ? or should I keep them some time to ensure that I can succeed in every kind of quest/mission etc. ?

  5. The number of heroes is limited, can I safely spend gems (50 if I remember well) to increase the number by +5 ? will the cost increase after a specific number ? and is there a limit ?

  6. Besides generating more resources, what’s the point in leveling the watch tower?

  7. When leveling your alts (heroes you do not use in your main compo yet), do you feed them with any hero color and level the special skill at the end (once the hero is maxed), or do you wait to have 10 heroes of the same color (if possible 2*+) to get higher chances of leveling the special skill at the same time ? (this requires a lot of hero slots)

  8. I saw a lot of people putting crappy 1* compos in raids or just 1 hero, to get 500/1000 power. What’s the point ? getting easy “revenges” afterwards ?

  9. Is there a guide (I didn’t find any) showing the level of power of each world map level ? atm I’m averaging 2800 power, but struggling at season 1 province 21, and season 2 province 12, and want to know if this is OK for my level or I’m clearly badly setup.

  10. I am always struggling with “challenges” events on the latest level of the rare difficulty (first one). for example on the current even, I’m struggling to win level 10 of the rare difficulty. Is there any guide for these ? (had absolutely no issues going through 1-9)

Thanks again


Thats a lot of questions! (Good ones :smiley: )

Yes troops can make a big difference. Mostly you will find talk about the 4* ones but all troop choices are important. I tend to go for damage (which means crit and heroes firing faster etc, it gets complicated the deeper you dig lol) even on defence. But there are lots of variables and more than one “right way”.

Enter the tournaments, it costs nothing and you will get some reward and a chance to learn more about the game and the different heroes.

Yes you can use 3* as feeders. But they are useful for challenge events and tournaments :slight_smile:

Yes increasing hero storage does increase in cost, but it is a good investment imo

The watchtower gives more resources, resources are good :slight_smile: But it has always been fairly low priority for me in my leveling plans

Feeding heroes of the same colour is the most cost effective way of doing it. Yes I try to save up 10 when I am working on a hero whose skill is not yet maxed.

Putting up weak raid defences is a “thing” refered to as “cup dropping” It means you can fill your hero chest faster. It also means you don’t get as much practice against tougher opponents and you will learn more slowly the strengths and weaknesses of the different heroes in the game. The rewards for heros chest are (on average) Better for higher tiers, ie a “gold” chest is better than a “silver” chest.

There are plenty of good guides around, I will leave those to someone who is good at links :smiley:
The last level of challenge events is always significantly harder. You will find this one easier with a debuffer, antidotes and battle items like axes you can use to kill red hoods minions before they can start healing them :slight_smile:

Good luck in the game!


I can throw a few links your way

And my favourites :grin:


Checks notifications “oh, @princess1 has linked one of my threads on an advice post, maybe it’s my meticulous glossary or my lovingly maintained library of fan fiction…”

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This one is indeed very helpful :rofl:


https://www.levelwinner.com/empires-puzzles-rpg-quest-advanced-tips-cheats-strategies-tactics-guide/ whatever else you need ask

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Read until Renfeld-who-is-too-dumb-to-hit-a-water-bucket and then stopped…that’s far from good advice, I’m sorry.

Excellent topics and feedbacks thank you guys !

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Well, you know what you need to make more posts of and less posts of.

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This one is also handy:

But, regarding what gets likes:

At least the Fictionary made the front page?


Hey man could you help out a fellow newbie? Cant figure out how to post a question

Can someone tell me how to post a question?

Hello I’m so new at this and I feel like just when I think I understand I realize I dont. I’m playing with babe layla

There that’s easier.
1st question. I understand that positioning is a key to playing could you please let me know what u think of these heros positioning.
2. I have sithus and layla layla has less health points should I use sithus for defences?
3 What is the positioning for defences?
I have two blue which should I use?

I remember playing with Layla, I was really fond of her, but it was a long time ago now lol.

You should get some more 3* reasonably quickly. It feels like it takes forever, but it will happen, I promise :slight_smile:

While you are still playing with 2* have fun and look at their skills and see which seem better to you. Mana speed also makes a difference. You will eventually feed your 2* heroes to your 3* heroes so mistakes will fade into history fast enough :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy the game, and good luck! :slight_smile:

Put bane in the center position.

Toril left flank, Sharan right flank.

Brogan left wing, Layla right wing.

Keep feeding these five heroes always with feeders of their own color.

Hope you will get Hawkmoon or Belith ( 3* healers ) soon.

If you want to spend money spend it on the V.IP. pass.

The thoughest hero ( 2xdefence+health ) is normally used as tank. ( Center Position)

The AI uses specials from left to right so abilities that help the team ( debuff opponent/buff your heroes ) should be positioned to the left.

Try to avoid slow heroes in wing ( edge) positions.

Read in this forum about color stacking.

Dont get frustrated when the RNG ( random number Generator ) hates you from time to time.

Wish you a lot of luck with your summonings and lots of patience. :smile:

P.S. The boards are not rigged!!!


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