Few probllems

First few days ago I got kicked from war after deffeteing my oponent. When I got back in game I saw my 0 points and oponent was unharmed. Seccondy epic token and gem pulls are awefull. I am active player for more than a year. And last I cant open mistic visuon

Hi! +1 minor mispelling (or bad link) after RAID win.

Yes unfortunately if you have a connection problem, you exit the war and it counts as a loss.

Devs are looking at alternatives, but needs to be something non-exploitable ie - you can’t quit if you start losing and have another go.

As for summon rates, they are now shown and yes, odds are low.

Elemental summons are better and working your way up to making 5* heroes at the training camp is free, if you have the patience and time.

i dont spend money and that is big issue as it seems but I seen players who are playing onlly for 2 month and they have a load of 5* heroes. I am playing over a year and I got onlly one 5* from summons 2 from tc and booth frim tc are red. 80 precent of my 4 and 5* heroes are red and that bugs me a lot

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