Festival, Game may freeze at the start of each level

Damn, the same issue again. I couldn’t play the ninja tower half the time because of this. And now, can’t play any challenge levels. What the actual ######################!

I came to the forum just to report this bug. Glad to see someone else noticed it. It took me a few times to realize it was not my connexion or the servers… but only my finger that missed the arrow!

You should be able to play the levels. Just make sure to click on the blue arrow when the second window pops.

I have the same issue here :confused:

Hope this gets fixed. I already updated the version installed but it’s still freezing. :frowning:

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This bug was totally unpredicted!

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Same here, have it on almost every level now that i tried to play. Feels like same kind of bug like with the recent Ninja Tower…

Same issue. I gave to reboot the game to play two levels in a row. It freezes on loading screen.

The game’s staff released update just to include new heroes and not really taking care of the bugs
I’m glad i deleted my credit card from the game

Thanks for the heads up.

I completed Rare and started on epic. No issues but then I clicked that blue thingy to get rid of the window.

Ive had this happen on all difficulties. Is there a fix?

I am having the same issue.

I’ve been begging for them to slow down with all the new stuff. Fix existing issues, improve functions, and PLAN a bit more. Seriously, they cant even put out a reliable calendar of events…

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I think we all have this issue, have they notified that they got it and looking into?

I’m kind of glad to find this, as I initially thought the problem was my internet provider. The first time it froze I waited five minutes before trying to back out.

After a couple more minutes trying to figure out what I had done wrong I was forced to shut down the app.

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Had the save thing happen to me like 3 times had to restart my phone

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Having trouble with getting into battles in the Challenge event! Anyone else?

Stuck on legendary levels.

reported it in yesterday and they said they will have a look at it

Check your internet connection, restart internet connection, restart game, and also try restart smartphone.