Fenrir two question about damage and heal skill

Hi guys
What is the 50 % hp for hero with temporary add hp like what Hemidall do? For example if hero has 1400 hp then Hemidall fire and increase his health point then 1400 will be half damage for 640 % damage of Fenrir 700?
Second question about healing skill if enemy health be less than Fenrir damage which one consider? For example enemy has 300 health point and damage of Fenrir will be 400 and kill enemy, does 50% of 300 add to his health or 400?


The first one I am pretty sure about. The 50% health trigger is only reached when they are 50% of their starting health, including troops. So for example if they start the battle at 1400 HP, they need to be below 700 for Fenrirs higher damage to apply

For your second question, I suspect it is 50% of the damage done, so if they have 300hp left, and you deal 1000 damage (which Fenrir could do) you only get 150. But as I don’t have him I haven’t tested it

Both of these things tend to confirm that Fenrir sounds a lot better than he actually is. Virtually any hitter can kill someone below 50% hp, and the extra damage rarely translates to healing


Thanks I got him today and I already max Krampus but other blue hero is Richard and Isarnia and Ariel
I read about Fenrir couple of hours I saw someone says it is just B grade other says overpowered and it confuses me so much.
What I think he is so good enough for stage and boss and farming but about raids I dont know

Fenrir is a good finisher. he may not be the top ranked blue hero… but you will find him useful and use him if you ascend him. So don’t stress too much and enjoy !


I give my vote to Fenrir. He is an excellent hero. I had the same misgivings initially and you have to get your head around how to use him.

But he really shines in the middle and end of battles when you can systematically take out opponents. I use the hound in tandem with Vela & Magni.

He now has 20 emblems and no regrets. Plus he has great stats.


Thats my bad luck not give me lefendary and when summon legendary it is the bad one, before I got badlur that can be nominated for worse 5 stars. Other player got Frigg and Odin I got this, since I had bad luck I lost my passion to summon too.
I say this based on others comment which said Fenrir and Badlur are trash and disappointed me

I have Fenrir and I can confirm that he only heals half the damage he acutally does. So you are right that if the opponent has 300hp left and fenrir hits for 1000, he will still only gain 150hp. As for hitting against heimdall, i dont bring fenrir against him haha…

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I think Fenrie is a decent hero. I pair him with another sniper (magni). Both are fast and charge at the same time so they are most lilely to kill off 1 hero together.


So he was useless and become more useless now, the 640 % damage just worth when he heals based on that and another wrong card info. They need to change it to damage that enemy receive not he deals, I was almost pretty sure I never gonna get a good hero and Fenrir was like just Badlur another trash that summoned for me.

You’re very mistaken. Both heroes Baldur and Fenrir can be great additions to a team - but they are more situational and need the right team mates to be used effectively. I have Fenrir and use him regularly in my rotation. He’s so much fun in my mono blue team, and his tile DMG is great, his healing helps keep him alive and the extra mana I get from killing heroes me minions makes him more like a very fast hero than a fast hero.

Listen to what other people say all you like, but you won’t know if a hero is good for your roster until you try it. This game isn’t about getting every great hero out there - it’s about finding ways to win with the heroes you get. Hope you stop comparing the heroes you have to the best heroes ever of a specific colour - otherwise you may not enjoy playing very much.

Besh wishes in your future play time.


I agree with u completely, I even saw it so much for example all said Zocc is trash and if his mindless attack last 4 turns it was better I was disappointed but I max ascend him and he is magnificent and I got those who comment about him even did not have enough info about mindless attack that fires before turn starts so his skill does last 4 turns.
But about Badlur and Fenrir especially Badlur the comments were so so disappointing. Your comment is first that not say bad about him.

I have both Baldur and Fenrir at 3:70 and they are both solid heroes worth ascending further once I get the mats. And I have a deep bench of other reds and blues already. Definitely use the heroes yourself and see what you think. Zocc was another that was hated on and I have him with 7 emblems and use him all the time. Too many people on here want overpowered very fast mana tanks that hit like atomic bombs to the whole team.

Opinions are like belly buttons… every one has one. Doesn’t make it special.


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