Fenrir speciall skill bug

Hi SG! I want to report a bug for Fenrir special skill.

  • Deals 320% damage to the target.
  • Deals 640% damage if the target has less than 50% health remaining.

I was fighting Thorne who had 785HP. Than HP is below 50% of his healt. 1571 is full, 785.5 is 50%.
I shot his special skill but he only did 363 dmg. So its definitely calculated as 300% damage, not 600% as is sholud be since defending hero was under 50% HP.

Unfortunately I dont have picture before firing special skill, only this one after.

From your SS it appears Thornes paladin talent is active. The extra 25% boost may lead to the reduction there. If you check the damage calculation thread there is a lot of great new work being down with tying down expected damage. One of them may be able to confirm what you should be seeing?

640% dmg dealing 363 dmg? Maybe in case of 3.000 defense, not 1.300.
I know my heroes and dmg they can do. Its just not possible.

Maybe the game doesn’t count decimals. So it round up the health as 51%


May be, but it should.

There was similar error for Kage.

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Maybe only Ursena and Kage’s coding was fixed, and Fenrir was overlooked.

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