Fenrir or Russula?

Please help me to decide whom should I level first?

I have maxed Frida, Krampus and Magni C.

Thanks you in Advance!

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My vote goes to Fenrir, he’s an amazing sniper/finisher in a blue stack! My Fenrir is +18 and I love him in offensive raids with Sapphire and Cobalt!


I’d go Russula…she has the possibility to hit all targets with some damage and 270 initial attack is pretty decent. And at very fast she will fire a few times.

Fenrir is okay…he’s a finisher if you are 50% below HP, but my problem with that is…aren’t most heroes able to destroy a hero if the HP is that low? Doesn’t seem like much of a benefit.


My vote is Russula. Russ has better stats across the board, a better passive, and is very fast. I like fenrir, but I’ve lost battles because he was my last hitter and I couldn’t get the enemies health below half for him to actually finish them.


My vote is also Russula.
However, please note that he/she cannot ‘Hiding’ when receives the buff block status ailment.


Russula has way better stats and also scales very good with emblems/ limit break. In general I think she is more flexible. Fenrir is good too though but way more situational and can be useless. Fenrir is a finisher which Russula can also be due to her high attack and very fast speed.


Similar to this advice here:

I don’t have Fenrir but I did play around with him in beta a fair bit and really liked him as a utility sniper.

He would pair quite well with your existing set-up in combination with the EDD and DD from Frida and Magni C respectively.


Tbh, neither but if you have surplus mats, then the shroom. I haven’t used the wolf in months.

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Feed fenrir to rusulla, and then feed rusulla to sonya.

Both fenrir and russula are terrible heroes. Dare me!

Without reading the comments…I’d go Russula.

S4 heroes are still superior. I WOULD, however, max Fenrir NEXT.

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This is pretty much why Fenrir is worse than any blue sniper. By design, this hero either does a lot of damage when it’s not needed or little damage when it’s needed. You’ll just awkwardly wait for God knows what after he charges most of the time. He’s ok in stuff like ninja tower but in pvp I haven’t used him for ages… he just never ‘clicks’.

Russula isn’t groundbreaking hero also, but at least a very fast blue that doesn’t go down easily without dealing some opening damage. I’d definitely swap my Fenrir for her.


Completely agreed with this about fenrir. I would even prefer magni without costume over him

At least russula can be quite efficient in VF wars/tournaments.