Fenrir or Athena?

Hi guys, I have couple questions about next heros to ascend, thanks for help me in advance.
First I want to choose another blue hero and I have just 7 scope. My options are Fenrir, Athena, Magni, Isarnia and Richard all without costume and I have second Forsth too, I maxed Krampus, Forsth and Ariel already. One hand I dont have any good legendary to broke defence another hand I think Fenrir is too underrared and he can be handy on attack especially now that there are many minion makers.
Except my main question I have 13 rings for red and maxed Santa, Gefjon and Badlur already now what is best between C Elena, normal Azlar and Marjana, second Badlur and Gefjon and Reuben Yange mei.
Last question what do u think about C Domita I think she is awsome but again not read much good comments about her. Has she worth Tabrad? Thanks all.

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I suggest to give scope to Athena, she is very useful against titans for DD.

In Red u can try c Elena or yang mai. C Elena will be really good for rush attacks and yang mai elemental link will help red mono team.

Domitia is good. She can be dispeller and cleanser both if u level both costume and normal version, her speed is average which is one of the main reason why she is underrated. There are many good hero’s who are fast and can dispell. U can decide based on your current purple options. I don’t know what else u got in purple. :blush:

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I’d recommend Athena over Fenrir for sure.



Athena is the best titan slot soo far… EDIT: after Bobo (I think Bobo is the best regular def down)
And also she is good versatile for raid, war, events…


Have both maxed Athena first she will change yah life on titans, war and raids… She that good.


My vote goes to Athena she really is a game changer.
You won’t be disappointed
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Should I use her with all titans color or just red? Is she necessary like wu kong? Thanks

No, only for red titan, she is best for regular def down slot.
If we do not have best color for regular def down, then she can be used there.
She is not attack booster slot like Wu Kong/Gazelle/Ranvir/Miki/Tarlak.

Athena: very hard to beat her defense down. You’ll use her for the rest of the game.
Yang: I like the elemntal link. If you like Frosth’s you’ll like her’s.
Some say C.Dom is better than Seshat. I see the logic, but would rather have Seshat.

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It’s up to you, really, but if you learn to use her very well she is devastating even against green titans.
Wilbur doesn’t like this element.

Hard to beat a -65% defense down.
Also… When off colour you will be able to charge and fire her without affecting the presence of dominant tiles on the board which can be very effective.

Keep in mind that if you go from -44% defense to -65% (I know, it’s her ceiling, but you can get it quite easily) you are attacking at 35% defense instead of 56% and that roughly translates in a +60% damage over a very good defense debuff.

I also like Yang and consider C Domitia very nice but still prefer Seshat. It’s a close call on the purple ladies.