Fenrir not receiving correct healing

When Fenrir uses Gargantuan Bite against an enemy with less than 50% health he is supposed to do 600% DAM (which does seem to be working). He is ALWAYS supposed to receive 50% of the DAM dealt as Health. However it appears that he is only getting 50% of 300% DAM and not the 600%. Not sure how I could screen shot this but I’ve had him do 1150-1200 DAM several times and never has he received more than 300 Health.

Fenrir recieves 50% health of the damage he does…if Fenrir takes out some hero with 150 HP left Fenrir gets 50% of that…not the overkill damage.
I could be wrong tho

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Additional healh? He gets extra for minions…
About geting more if opponent survives…where?how?
Here is his card…

OK - this morning his ability seemed to work properly against a Titan. Going to have to wait until an Event to have a hero/enemy with enough health to double-check.

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