Fenrir & Norns specials

Fenrir often enough doesnt fill up 50% of the damage dealt. There wasnt any special against him or neglecting healing. Played against MoNo, Finley, Dark Knight, Telluria and Ursena. Happened twice

Norns special doesnt convert 100% of the weak tiles to strong. About 1/3 rd stay weak

Some screenshots or videos will be very helpful to determine if is an issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure if this was the case for you but:

Fenrir- will only heal 50% of ACTUAL damage, so you may do 1000+ damage but if the enemy only had 200 hp you only actually did 200 damage and so will only heal 100.

Norns- as soon as the enemy dies the effect ends so tiles that hit after Enough damage is done to kill will show as weak again but weren’t doing damage anyway.


Going for the screenshot i realized that about Norns. It was always after the enemy was dead 3 battles in a row, so i’ll consider this my visual bias

Fenrir didnt even do the animation. I’ve hit Telluria and did close to 1000 damage. Didnt even do the windy animation and stayed where it was as far as his own health. Cant scrnsht the past though :slight_smile:

Norns - 3 green tiles. Still worth mentioning that, the 1st green tile was weak, 2nd strong, 3rd weak.

As norns have almost full mana, It seems that you havent fired them on the boss yet. Norns set a debuff on the target to weaken them.

Fenrir works fine for me, never had a problem.
As it was said before he can only heal up the amount that the target had on life left.
You say you made 1000 damage on telluria, that means she seemed to have less than 50% life left. As @CarrotSupply said, if tellu had 200 life left fenrir will only heal up 100 life.

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