Fenrir no longer does 640% on titans when they are below 50% health

Title says it all. When will this be fixed?

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How to solve this it’s really annoying obviously

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Comun bugs. But when you hit with kageburado, only aply 250%… fenrir should be to hit with 640

Any screenshots to show the claim?

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I’ll post on our next red titan

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How do I upload a video? I have perfect proof

You can upload it on YouTube / Vimeo

Magni has 980 attack, Fenrir has 966 (basically the same), Titan well below 50%.

Magni does 1290. Fenrir does 926. If the 640% kicked in, Fenrir’s raw damage is 6182, compared to Magni’s 4018, and should have dealt much more damage. Fenrir must have only dealt the 320% instead despite Titan being below 50%

I wasted a Titan flag for this so I hope it gets addressed.


Have sent this to the powers that beee…


Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this here.


Hi @nicos, thanks for your report. Can you submit a Support request through the game that you experienced this issue so we can better investigate this? How to Contact Support


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