Female villagers!

I believe their should be a variety of villagers not just men. Females a must horses be cool also maybe fish from the water waterfall.

Im not so sure the existing villagers would be too happy with that addition


I never realized that they are only men.

Really, this is an important feature for you?


I am not sure if this post is serious or just a bit of humour…
I hope it’s humour because the village isn’t real and neither are the inhabitants… it’s a game
And if it’s serious… can you imagine the hard work and cost to create a truly diverse community to cover all those “badges” that get handed out


How do you know, that the villagers are male gender?

I have never looked as closely at the dang villagers as I just did… :rofl: Still have no idea if they are supposed to be “male” or “female”. They don’t even have discernible hair.


Now you made we look even closer.
Other than they wear trousers I can’t tell anything…
But they walk like ladies …

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And where are the black people ?

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And where are the red people, the yellow people, the brown people, the fat people, the disabled people, the gay people, the tall people, the small people, the children, the babies, the old age pensioners to name but a few with badges

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I know you’re being sarcastic but c’mon. Let’s not turn this thread into a left vs. right type of battle.

About female villagers, sure why not. Lemme put a vote in favor :joy:

Lol. Too much gender sensitivity.

What about the children!?

insert ‘won’t someone please think of the children’ Maud Flanders meme


Do they still wave when a giant finger from above pokes them in the head? I always thought that a strange reaction when a stream of expletives would be more fitting. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::crazy_face::sweat_smile:


A few pandas wouldn’t hurt either.


I’ve been so distracted by the fact that we call geese “ducks” that I never noticed there were no female villagers. :wink:

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Despite the obvious sarcasm of replies throughout this thread, did you really say red people and yellow people as an example? What is this, 1950?! Ooooooof.

Hope that helps :smiley:


They the kitchen baking some ham and what nice ham too :meat_on_bone: :wink:

Are they male or female?

The shadow cast under the breast and the profile make you think more of women.

Photo editing_Cloud20200907_1 Photo editing_Cloud20200907

Your walk reminds me more of a colleague with a hip injury.

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