Female Bunny hero and avatar for next Easter

Our alliance is slowly turning into Bunny fest as everyone is changing their avatars into bunnies, but there’s one thing I’m lacking - a bunny avatar for me, a woman.

There are three rabbits and all of them male. I’d like a female bunny. Maybe you could just redesign one of the rabbits into a girl. Or you could add one seasonal character, who would be a girl. You could get inspiration in Lori Rabbit from Jazz Jackrabbit or Lola from Bugs Bunny.

Yeah like playboy bunny look alike.
Could be better if this female bunny not just avatar but summonable hero with special named deathblow kisses. Make all male opponent heroes death

what about the said female bunny can also stun all male heroes for 3 turns (aka cant gain mana)

Think needs be 4 or 5* female rabbit with skill MISDIRECTION. Ability to benefit from other allie heroes taking damage. Maybe absorb mana and with 350% damage single target.

Split personality attack your 4* bunny tile power tripples for 4 turns and summons a litter of bunny minions


Yes! :smiley: litter of bunnies would be awesome!

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