Fellow prowlers unite

I admit that sometimes I prowl the forums looking to challenge a comment or someone who thinks they are right and I look forward to doing so :joy:

Not always but I’m sometimes in the mood.

Not saying I’m always right either, been wrong plenty of times.

Can any self-confessed fellow prowlers please reveal their identities here too? :joy::rofl:

Surely there’s got to be more of us right?

@Brobb must be a leading pioneer I’d say.

Like you know you are one of these people when you suddenly feel annoyed when you read something that’s clearly not right and you just want to step into the fray. Prowlers take this one step further and deliberately look to be annoyed in such a way.

They seek the hunt.



I dont know what you are talking about


A rigs-ism comes to mind… I think it went something like… “the only reason I get out of bed is to F sh*t up.” Lmao


I’m an ism now? Lol when and how did this happen?


I am certainly guilty of such, but I’m not sure if I qualify as a “prowler”, because I’ll reply to pretty much anything.

I enjoy civil debates (whether I’m right or wrong, sometimes I play devil’s advocate just for the extra challenge).

I enjoy trying to help people (when I can, I’m not an expert on the game but occasionally I might know something that a newer player doesn’t, and I’m happy to share what little wisdom I have).

Sometimes I enjoy just annoying people (usually all in good fun, unless I think someone is just being an [expletive] and I want to fling some of their own feces back at them).

Sometimes I just want to post silly stupid things for laughs.

Originally I was a lurker, occasionally a prowler… but I think I’ve made my presence very well known since then. No longer a lurker / prowler, I’m now officially a Regular nuisance here. :grin:


Lol we enjoy your nuisance


Thank you! And I enjoy your wisdom. Keep combatting the uninformed opinions, and feel free to correct me when I’m wrong, because I am well aware that I don’t know everything. I just like to banter and theorycraft and whatnot.


I just talk out the side of my head until i put enough letters together for something to sound good


I think tgw sums up a large group that feel humour and entertainment should be as large a component of forums as the usual education, debate, discourse and arguments.

I feel I am in a similar vein but less regular - perhaps I need more fibre in my forum diet


I used to be a forum/discourse-defined “regular”…

…but then I took an arrow in the knee


Huh. Just noticed it’s blank under your name. What did you do?

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Humor and entertainment was a huge element in my first alliance. I spent far more time in Alliance Chat than I did actually playing the game (then realizing later, "oh crap, I have 2 titan flags, better use them… brb lol)

Unfortunately there was also drama, and it wasn’t as fun anymore.

There is plenty of drama to be found on the forum, but I don’t have to worry about it here - because nobody here is in my alliance, so it doesn’t affect my team cohesion. :grin:


Are you referring to me? Nothing. Nothing is what I did. :grin:


Lol yours says regular and i believe frenzied eye’s did too at 1 time


Ah okay, I thought you were referring to the nickname space under the person’s forum handle on their profile. I left mine blank.

I think you lose Regular status if you don’t log in often enough.


Well that’s disappointing. I was hopin he ticked someone off lol


LOL I went out of my way to tick off @zephyr1 when my status was blank, and somehow managed to reach Regular status in the process.

The mods here are surprisingly tolerant. If they can tolerate me, they can probably put up with anything. :grin:


Nothing …or I got flagged. Who knows :joy:

It’s not going to change what I will say :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :wink:

Maybe @zephyr1 will know


I just don’t do anything flag worthy and always stay on my best behavior


To keep Regular status, you have to log in at least 50 out of the last 100 days and “read” X number of posts, might be some other requirements as well…

@Rigs I try to avoid the flaggy type of stuff, I was flagged once… trying to behave most of the time but… well… sometimes I just spew whatever crap I’m thinking at the time.


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