Feels like I'm reaching my limit, closing in on a burnout/quit. Wall of text inside, what would you do?

So I’ve enjoyed this game for a long time, honing the skills to learn and progress this game and working myself towards the top. However I’m starting to feel I’ve reached the limit, and am starting to feel the pay gap a lot, by jealousy and frustration, on both hero pulls and alliance efforts

1 year ago I noticed a pitfall in this game, and voiced it long before I knew I’d be part of the bottom 5% of the RNG pool. By now it’s become clear that SG will never implement a safety net and we should accept this as is.

I’ve spent a lot of time on reddit, to the point where I believe I’m an expert on giving advise to players’ questions (but get annoyed when people are oblivious (or just trolling) about how good some of their heroes are sometimes.)

I’ve spent some money, even put in extra effort on xmas, telluria month and gravemaker atlantis, but have not been awarded for those efforts.

You can see the wrapup in my 1year review, excluding the 26 sand event pulls which netted no 5* heroes, but yeah, some good 4* at least. https://www.reddit.com/r/EmpiresAndPuzzles/comments/hgwwzs/my_ep_birthday_1year_review_streaming_at_19h/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x

I’ve reached events top1K rare, top500 epic and rank #8 global. top 1% rare and top 1% epic tournaments are also checked. And it feels like I won’t be able to compete any higher.

Where troubles began for me
Every since telluria was released, raiding has become much less fun, as I just don’t have a good counter for her.
I’ll be honest. If they weren’t nerfed I would be gone already. I’ve emblemed scarlett, gormek and boldtusk, but you can’t even bring them to a vela fight so it seems that 3 purple +2 holy is the only way to fight my way through, albeit giving up fun while pushing. I’m about to ascend Elena but I’m not sure she will improve that situation.

First alliance was messy and people were quitting.
2nd alliance had some very negative people and fell apart
3rd alliance was good for a long time, until some backstabbing started where me (and my friends) were removed for basically no reason
Now I’m back with some fun people who learned me the game when I started, but after 5 war defeats in a row it seems like we don’t belong here. Problem is, looks like there’s not much dutch alliances out there that perform on a level we do (daily titan hits, all war hits done, teamwork, motivated). The few that do are top-alliances that go into 4.5K telluria-only wars–which I’d probably want to avoid for fun’s sake.

I think season 3 is more of a drag than fun, there is no challenge. I get my thrill from raiding and wars.

Base building
Obviously, it takes an absurd time to level up your base, I think hero academy would be a great addition to trying to flatten the curve on my odds, but it might take me another year to build up that thing, because I don’t feel like I want to spend more (as it feels I don’t get anything from the investment)

So that’s where I’m at. Feeling a bit on a low here. What’s your take?


sorry to hear you’re feeling burned out. and it definitely looks like you’ve accomplished a lot in the game.

Maybe a little break will help? many others here have stopped playing for a while. if that feels too much, you can also try reducing your time and becoming less ambitious - this thread has some great suggestions on becoming a more casual player

and as for alliances… you could start your own, with just you and your friends. It might mean weaker titans with fewer chances for ascension materials, but it could also reduce the drama and match you with opponents that have fewer Telluria tanks :slight_smile:


A story told in links

I quit.

But I come back occasionally.

Mostly for the people


Can’t say exactly what I’d do in your situation, as my situation might be similar in some ways but different in others.

I used to spend some on this game, until I realized how bad the odds are. Now whenever I feel the slightest bit tempted to spend on the game? I compare it to other stuff I could buy with that money. “Would I rather have another Dawa, or a cheeseburger?” 10 times out of 10, I’m going with the cheeseburger. :grin:

So yeah, I’ve already ranted enough on the spending aspects of this game in multiple other threads. Easy solution: stop spending. Done.

Now… as to why I’m still playing…

Well? The game still has fun aspects to it, even if you’re not a top spender and not scoring in top whatever percent. And many of the people who play the game are pretty cool and fun to talk to. So there is that. :smile:

Kinda stopped worrying about the other stuff. Do I still come here and vent and rant and complain about it? Yes I do! And I’m probably not going to stop anytime soon, either… so for those of you who don’t like my posts, either put me on your block lists, or get used to it :grin:

Being part of a good alliance- or, alternatively, an outsider-ish forum community where people are not shamed for their lower level rosters or felt pressured to spend more in order to compete on those high levels, can certainly help lift your spirits. :wink:


I’m sorry you are in a rut with the game. A good alliance makes such a difference.

A suggestion - You could post a thread in alliance recruitment stating what you are looking for in an alliance. Every good alliance is looking for people just like you and your friends. You’ll be inundated with offers :smile:


I’d go with the cheeseburger too :wink:


Hm… :thinking:

I’d highly doubt SGG would implement a pity timer mechanic as it might plausibly affect their bottom line. There has been this thing about a ‘summoning hack’ doing the rounds lately. At worst, you spend what you were going to spend anyway. At best, it might give you the illusion you hit a lucky steak of pulls and get something from it. For reference, I’ve been more lucky than unlucky so far.

There certainly is a case to not spending more. But spending also needs to be contextualised. Why do you spend? And for what purpose? I’m not suggesting you answer these questions to me on a public forum but these are questions meant for you to re-evaluate why you spend.

I detect this may be the crux of the issue for you. You’ve competed the best you can and… it still isn’t quite what you want to achieve? Competing at that level takes a lot of time and effort. So is it what makes the game fun for you?

Check the recruitment board; plenty of alliances looking for new members (my own included…). I’m sure there’s one which will suit your needs. If it were possible I’d suggest popping into one for a week and see if it suits you; that should give you an idea whether they’re the right fit for you.

Or as suggested perhaps start your own with your group of friends. An alliance requires a group of people who pull in the same direction, and you’ve already got a group there.

Generally think why you’re still playing the game. Is there enough to keep you playing? If it’s the social aspect, is it possible to keep it without the game?

For general burnout if you aren’t at the point of quitting, then certainly reduce the time you spend. Perhaps you’l find it concentrates what you do.

I’ve been close to quitting several times in the past, and even somewhat burnt out. Reducing time made me see things slightly differently and I returned to previous activity, though everyone’s different.

But what if that was Aife instead of Dawa?


I agree with everyone else that a good alliance definitely goes a long way in helping the game not burn you out. The recruitment and foreign language sections are a good resource if you are looking. In my 2 years of playing, I’ve only run into one Dutch alliance, Batman Lowlands, and they all seemed like a nice enough bunch. I hope you can find what you’re looking for, it’s always sad reading these posts. Good luck.

Come take a look at Digital Warriors - we are killing 7-8 star titans, and don’t Have a lot of player demands. Hit the titan and use war flags. We kick inactives if they don’t give advance notice. Friendly group with a clean chat,

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Curious as to what you’re getting at here, as there are several different ways to interpret this…

Are you telling me that I should be thankful that I at least get a minimum 3* hero for that money?

Or are you trying to prey on my (and everyone else’s) inherent love and admiration for the almighty Aife?

… or something else entirely? :thinking:


A lot of the issues with the game come from what you expect out of the game.

The game has many layers to it and many ways to play it. You can play casual or competitive or any mixture of the two.

  1. Casual
    Playing casual you can simply ignore all the PvP aspects of the game and play it as if it was simply a quest to complete the seasons. You likely don’t play every day and likely once you finish the current seasons available you just stop playing the game and find something else to play. You don’t spend money on the game because there is no reason to.
    This was actually how I started out playing.

  2. Competitive
    You see the PvP aspects of the game as the real challenge and everything else is just team building to meet that challenge. You likely play every day and also likely pay money to either build your team faster (VIP) and/or chase the stronger heroes occasionally available. Eventually there will be an endgame of diminishing returns where it becomes more and more unlikely that you will be able to improve your team. Then it’s a question of how long the PvP aspect alone can keep your interest.
    These are the players that strive for the top 100.

  3. (… to infinity) All shades inbetween
    You are neither casual or top competitive (but sometimes you want to be). You run into the issues of not being able to improve your team due to shortages of resources or disposable income. It is increasingly frustrating to see the stronger heroes continually elude your grasp. You either accept that you will never have them, or you quit and find a less frustrating game to play, or you continue trying and venting your frustration on the forums (or reddit or facebook or wherever else players gather on the internet).
    I have evolved(?) to this level (competitively casual) through becoming more and more involved in the PvP aspects of the game. But I accept I will never be a top level player.

Yes, eventually this game will stop being entertaining for me too. I will reach my limit in the game and quit for something else more entertaining. Likely when I have reached a point where my team has become relatively static and I am only playing for the raids and wars. Or when the added content that keeps being introduced pushes me too far from the “casual” that I want to be.

No mobile game like this will hold anyone’s interest indefinitely. It’s a question of how easily you can let it go when the time comes. And yes, alliances can be a big factor in that decision.

There are things that SG could (but seemingly won’t) do to delay reaching that point, but nothing can prevent it.


Aife is priceless. :grin:


I cannot argue with that.

No wonder you are The Philosopher. :bow:

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Thanks for that input. I’m okay with sharing.

I’ve first set a small budget I think the game is worth to me. Then I spent a bit more because all around me people are pooping hotm so I wanted to try for something special. (And set a new limit) But by now I realise it’s only reliable if you start spending 200+ per month and that’s not in my budget at all.

One of the main things that keeps me going is the group of 4 people that are close to me. But they share my concerns about dedication, at least.

Maybe I should go hopping some, I’ll consider that


I"ve been in contact with them, but they did not have room for my 2 lesser width friends for wars

The problem comes that we have demands. We like to see our titans being hit and flags used, in good fashion. So no 4k teams on a 3.5k team and not a 2k team on a 4k team

I didn’t read past cheesburger really


Oh man, do I understand where you are. I quit trying to compete and this is the happiest I’ve been in quite a while.

I retired from our main alliance and moved to our sister group. 10* Titans, smaller wars. Everyone is having fun and doing their best, regardless of what that means. We’re mixed ability. Watching the new players grow and be totally stoked to pull Boril is fabulous. They have fresh eyes, a fresh perspective and are great teachers themselves. I level the heroes I think will be fun to tinker with, not the ones that make me stronger. I took my raid defense down by 300 points but have stayed comfortably in diamond. Not having to fight and scrape to stay at the tip top of what I can handle has been a relief. Raids are fun again. Titans aren’t mat-sucking freight trains. Wars are different each time and it’s exciting to see my teammates throw that Boril on defense to see how he does.

Give slowing down a try? Perhaps changing your approach to the game and growth will help you find fun again. I wish you all the best.


I’m somewhere between 2 and 3, but I lack the desire to spend extra so bit more stuck on 3.

I’m getting some good ideas here now, I think the game would capable of holding me longer, if the f2p model was a bit friendlier. I always vouched for this gaming being f2p, but after 1year of playing I have changed my viewpoint, this game has a paygap when it comes down to it

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Merciless RNG

For reliable, you need to budget up to $1,536+ USD some months ( see notes ).

Due to merciless RNG.


Click for notes



thanks for that, surprised I hadn’t found that yet myself.

Bit mind blowing to see!


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