Feeling stale - Need new Lineup


Recently I’m in a rut when it comes to these battles. My defense team holds up pretty well but titans and raids are not being kind to me. I’m not sure if it’s my hero choices or just plain unlucky when it comes to these boards. Any advice is much appreciated


May I alter your title to perhaps get more responses to your actual request? :wink:


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I have no idea about your budget, but doing some event summons next month with Guardians could really step up your Titan hits. Jackal, Falcon and Panther are almost as transformative as Wu, particularly when paired with an armor debuff (Athena, Grimm, Tibertus, Gormek).

What are you running now against various titans?


It varies pending on the titan but more often than not I’m using Wu, Azlar, Lianna, Grimm, Vivica

I double up on the weakness of the titan


I would use your 4/70 Scarlett over your 3/70 Azlar. She has mean tile attack and her attack debuff is very helpful in keeping your team alive. Otherwise your core team is very sound, though I might use Sartana instead of Guen; depends on color and Titan level (do you need a healer? Would BT be a better healer, helping all and giving an attack boost?)

Some development thoughts:

Get Lianna up to full, then shift to Zeline.

Think about leveling Gormek and, possibly, Tibertus. An armor debuff is extremely useful against titans, but you won’t want to have Grimm vs. green titans. There no reason not to triple against titans, and BT, Gormek, Scarlett, Wu and Lianna would be very effective, IMO.

I like Merlin a lot in raiding and titans. Carefully timed, he can make a big difference (esp raiding). Getting the Titan to cast against itself is not only satisfying but saves several seconds of flow-breaking animation.

If you’re stuck for tonics, consider moving Caedmon and/or Melendor up. I think they add more than Zeline at 3/70 against titans.



Great advice! I’ll look into making those changes. I’m decent on healers but I have a couple I can level. I think I get caught up on the power rather than the skills and attacks. Definitely didn’t notice scarlet has a better attack than azlar and as you can see I have ADD when it comes to leveling heroes… They’re all over the place


On raid offence I’d consider leveling up and running this team: Kiril/Zeline/Arthur/Lianna/Joon

For titans you need 3x things

  • Armor debuffers
  • Attack power buffers
  • 2-3x strong colors.

The rest (damage mitigation, mana boost, healing) you can usually make up using consumables.


Well. You have all the tools you need to wreak havoc wherever you want.


I’m confused, you say he needs an armor debuffer (I agree) but your suggest line-up excludes any. ?


Yeah, for titans I’d say he needs an armor debuffer. For raiding I’d say he doesnt. (Although Arthur is sort of a debuffer for the double up blues.)

I might not have been clear in my descriptive text :slight_smile: