Feeling punished


I feel like I am being punished, I payed quite a bit of $$$ to get my teams strong so I could join a good alliance, since the last update my team is way weaker, cost to level up are way higher, titan loot is awfully bad no better than a mission chest, raiding is terrible, use to win at least 50% now lucky to win 10% even against weaker teams. This game s not fun anymore, thinking about finding some thing else!!!


I think the “tried to fix what wasn’t broken” rule applies here.


I realize that this is all highly subjective, but I do agree. The changes to the team ratings do not seem to reflect actual team strength in the slightest.

Since the patch I’ve not received a single rare quest or good ascension item from Titan loot. And the only piece I DID receive was from a daily ad video, I got a compass, and you’re not even suppposed to get them there.

The descriptions of, and expectations of loot are way off in this game.


I’m hoping that some of these flawed mechanics (which, you’re right, are highly subjective), are a result of a rapidly-growing game and overwhelmed staff. If this is an indication of things to come, I worry… The feedback is overwhelmingly negative as of late, and I haven’t really heard a peep about it from the developers… And that is creating a major optics problem


These are the kinds of PR issues that cause mass-exodus and devastate online gaming. Because the perception is that the developers don’t care. Even if they do, they’re not changing the perception by not acknowledging player dissatisfaction


I for one have spent $$$ on this game but will not spend another dime until things get better, honestly I hope they do as I enjoyed this game before but now it sucks, I have been on this morning raid 12 times lost 11 out of 12 one killed 15 heroes even losing to teams 300 points lower than my team. 6* titan just showed up hit for 7500+ points were before update I was hitting for 18000-20000 consistently, some thing needs to be done before there are no players left.


I actually don’t think it’s a matter of devs trying to fix anything… I think it’s a matter of them trying to motive people to spend more money. The thought being that if I’m losing on raids, I’ll spend to level up my team.

I believe it’s all about gaining 5* heroes. Non-spenders aren’t likely to get 5* at all, and spenders will eventually get 5* if enough is spent.

This line of thought makes the whole “we can’t give everyone the $3 deal” make much more sense to me also… as those who got the $3 deal mostly likely landed a 5*. If everyone got a 5* it would break their model of trying to motive people to spend a lot of money to get a 5* hero.


Can’t really argue with that. I also worry that money is the driving factor now. And that will kill the game. I hate to say it. I’ve seen it happen already


Well that will not work for me I don’t think I will spend any more cash on this game, if I get iTunes cards for bday, or xmass I may use it on this game but will not open my wallet again. Been there done that had a great team before the update and will not spend to get it there again COST is way to high!!!


This is how I feel . The focus is now “how to drive people to spend more money” rather than how to make the game better so they will want to spend more money.

I have three heroes stuck in progression, one for more than a month, because they need so many items to ascend that can only be gotten from Titan drops and mission drops. Yet I have not gotten a three or four star item from a Titan drop for the last four Titans. Not even one I don’t need. Just none.

I have stopped trying to bring in new players and have stopped talking about this game with gamer friends. I will not do any more missionary work until I see this turn around.


And yet, this still rewards them with money. Regardless of what wallet it comes from, it is cash to them.


I think it shows that they need to drop their prices by a factor of 10. I mean tens of thousands of people spending a little money on the game will get them a lot more than having a few spend hundreds of dollars.

Some of the most successful games on the net are based on micro transactions, and this game is a little rich compared to most.


I agree, the cost is way off.

It makes me wonder if the devs of this game are just so stinking rich that they feel the amount they’re asking for is minor.

I’d also like to point out that each time you click Mystic Vision, you’re paying the devs. So they are even making money off of the “non-paying” customers already.


I am not sure. I for one find it is as easy to win raids is as before. You guys who think it’s has become harder to win raids after update, do you also find you have started winning a lot of defensive battles? You can’t really have the one without the other. As I understand it the changes to team power was mainly a chance of how team power was counted. It didn’t change the actual power of likelyhood of winning. Rather it is more probable that earlier you attacked teams that was the same strength or even weaker than your team but it looked like the team was stronger because of faulty count system. This gave a false feeling of winning against better teams.


I was winning against teams with higher and even power than myself, I did not raid teams with lower power or who had less cups than myself. Also I have made it all the way through to the end of level 23 with the same team and at that point I was only level 22, now I am level 28 when I go farming there I consistently lose. So really do you think that maybe it is a power issue, my team before the update was 3500+ now it it is 3100+ and I am 2 levels higher.


Well, it sounds more like you have some of the specific heroes that got nerfed? I just mean it is pointless to argue that a change in how power rating is counted actually changed your win statistics. Everyone’s team power got massivly lowered. An other change beside how power rating is counted is that the troops now need to be upgraded to be of same strength as before. This does change how well you do on the map, but since it hit all players it shouldn’t have changed you win stats in pvp much.


Well I must be doing something wrong may have to revisit my team