Feeling beraided

I don’t get it. I’ll go on rage where I can’t lose, winning raids with teams that have 3 or 400 more team power than me and it’s like I can’t lose and then I’ll go against teams that have 3 / 400 less than me and I can’t win and I know whether I’m going to win or lose as soon as the raid starts comment it’s like I can tell

Sorry sent that before I was finished. I just want to know. Sometimes it Feels Like These are predetermined sometimes. and if they are not, how does it work,? how can I team with so much less power win against someone with so much more?

I have streaks like that :grin:

I’m pretty sure it’s two things:

  • bad boards - if you stack red against a green and you get an above average run of blues. All the weak tiles charge the enemies mana and before you know it, you’re heroes are twiddling their thumbs and staring down the barrel of a buffed Ramming Pulveriser.

  • thinking too hard - I 100% play worse when I’m grumpy about losing the last couple of raids and just need THREE RED TILES, IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!!?. Then I normally lose. And by then I’m looking for an easy win and get spanked for 50 cups.


I feel like that more often than I care for… haha, just remember that winning streaks are just as common as loosing streaks… Loosing a couple in a row to bad boards makes it all that much worst. But don’t fret my friend, don’t let it get to you… Also, don’t pay too much attention to the team power. It’s only an indicator of the potential of that team at their best and under the best of circumstances. Even a low powered team can kick your butt if their specials are viciously stacked against you, and vice versa. I suggest that you accept the challenge of a shitty board, take your time and try to make the most of it. If you beat it, you’ll feel like a king, if you don’t, just remember, you weren’t supposed to win it anyway, and move on to the next…


As @Wormwood already mentioned: you might have bad board layout. This means that it lacked for right colors or you was not able to make a combo. Defense team always strikes back regardless of a board, while you do tile attack by matching.

Also, pay attention to why you lost. Possible root causes:

  1. Defense team had healer or healers that effectively worked and cured all the defense team while you don’t have a healer and was not able to recover from attacks.
  2. Defense team had a hero that buffed your team (blind, weakened, decreased your defense or burned) and you was not able to remove those buffs from your team.
  3. Defense team had a hero that increased there attack strength (Wu Kong for instance).
    Actually, there is a very interesting and useful summary of raid tactics.

@Vito342 I have those days too (and I’m the author of the link raid tactics above). It is almost exactly for me as it is for @JonahTheBard. I get a streak of bad boards where I can’t get any decent combos and end up losing to a weaker opponent. And then I get a board when I end up with a 10x combo and wipe out two heroes before they’ve even had a chance to attack. It’s frustrating, I know, but it is just randomness. If you follow my guidelines you should be winning 75% of your raids (I’m a coward, so I don’t attack teams with higher power than me).

You can actually feel the streakiness even more in titan battles. I’ll have battles where I do 10K damage and the very next battle I’ll do 18K. That huge amount of variance isn’t due to my tactics—my tactics don’t change in titan battles–it’s due to “luck” of getting great boards. The best titan attacks are not when you get a lot of specials… they are when you get a lot of long combos.


Thank you everyone for your knowledge and great advice