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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to start a thread to praise Empires and Puzzles and it’s developers at Small Giant to help balance out the frequent complaints of players who, in my humble opinion, are confusing the compulsive way they play with some sort of fantasy of obligation they believe the developers have for satisfying and maintaining what for most of the complainers has become an obsession.

The only appeal to experience or authority I feel I need to make to justify my opinion is that I’ve been a fantasy buff and RPG’er for over 41 years and in my experience SG has produced an outstanding game and for a small company that also intends to stay small their support for players and their issues has also been outstanding.

So, to the haters out there, if you write long posts about how SG has misled you and how you feel the money you’ve spent entitles you to some remedy from them I say look at your behavior first. The fact that you are not approaching them with your grievances in a spirit of cooperation is a telling sign that you have likely crossed the line into obsession/compulsion.

As for the gamers who enjoy E&P and keep to their budget for playing, however small or large that may be, I invite you to post your praise here, so that we can balance out the all too frequent cries for “more” from those who, again imo, are embarrassingly sketchy about what should be expected from a computer game.

E&P is a great game! For those treating it as a game, please post here!


I think it’s telling that I am “still here” :grin:

I don’t stick around for bad games. I enjoy my time playing this one, and right now, it’s my ONLY one (off a screen of twenty games, I choose this one Pikachu!)


I love this game so what there a a little bugs but in time they will be fix like any new thing and i am tire of people complaining about how much they spent listen you choose to spend that money you choose to take a chance at the wheel with no guarentee like if you go to vagus there is no guarantee you will win but you still choose to go there and take a chance it took me awhile to understand this when i wasted 10 000 jems it was my choose to buy them and spin the wheel and that means it was all on me i didnt have to spend and spin that wheel i choose to so now i understand this i am now ok with it and i love the game even more

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Don’t hate the haters :slight_smile:

Honestly, yes most of the threads are about problems with the game but isn’t that mainly what the forum is for?

Yes there are people with different opinions and there are those that I would like to call cry babies but they have taken their time and effort to tell devs what they think and they stay with the game waiting for devs response. Once in a while a thread like this is started to balance the complaining and while I applaud the effort to get everyone to also remember that there are many good things about the game, I also want to give an applaud to everyone that takes their time complaining instead of just leaving. Clap clap.


Hello there. First off, I’m absolutely one of several of these complainers you’re referring to, at least in regards to the recent nerf. Now, I’ll sit here and willingly admit that I posted countless times more than I had intended to, and probably went overboard a few times. The fact of the matter is, the “whiners” like me; we care. We want this game to remain good. That’s why we’re here, that’s why we take the time to give a hoot.

Now if you want to sit there and self-righteously disparage disagreement with any feature the devs add (or remove) then that’s absolutely your right. But don’t think to psychoanalyze people’s behavior based on your 41 years as a fantasy buff and RPGer. I could similarly say that people who make fluff posts that call for everyone to sit in a big circle and clap their hands at how wonderful everything is are just desperate, attention-seeking sheep, thrilled to be herded without complaint in any direction their shepherd deems correct.

But I won’t. Because I’m nobody. Just like you. A random forum guy. I’m all for giving the devs props on what they’ve accomplished here. It’s a solid game that’s very fun to play. If that was the only thing said here, I would have praised it, because sometimes we all need to take a step back and see that in the big picture. But do yourself a favor and don’t make it personal, you’re not better than anyone, and I’ll happily call anyone out on that.


Oh yes, wanting known glitches fixed and accurate information on cards is far too much to ask for. Oh, and by all means keep nerfing all of the good heroes we’ll just try for the ones that weren’t as good but now look pretty nice. We’re not frustrated at all that the titans have become much stronger while we’re continuously cut weaker and weaker while still struggling to collect those materials needed to compensate. Thank you for helping me see the error in my ways with your thinly veiled judgey comments.

There are some things that work. It isn’t a bad game it just solidly falls into the needs improvement category. Things we’ve pointed out are being ignored, like the Hel glitch. We’re coming up on two months now with a patch that didn’t work and the thread being ignored. No timeline, no sorry we’re still working on it etc. We wouldn’t have stuck around as long as we have if we didn’t like the game.


I would describe myself as an eye-roller when I come to this forum for the most part. I’m not saying that I don’t think nerfing new cards after the fact isn’t terribly frustrating, but the fact is spending money on a game like this is essentially throwing money away. I have spent a small amount, I don’t regret it but I also didn’t expect much.

The devs do read the forums and respond to player grievances which is more than you can say about a lot of games like this. I wouldn’t waste too much time and energy on it though.

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Go to the Hel glitch thread. You will see Petri say it’s fixed and people responding with their current experiences 11 days ago with no response until someone mentions Justice does it as well.



Sooo the “Game is good!” Thread has been hijacked? Back to topic? :wink:


The majority of people posting in this forum are passionate about this game and want to continue to improve the game. You may call it complaining but that is what has improved the game. Sure there are complaints when we feel ripped off or frustrated with glitches. Most of the people complaining have also been offering suggestions for months. I have played for over 8 months and watched as seasoned players called for increase in alliance members( 10-30), new heros, alliance wars(coming soon),barracks, and numerous other improvements.
You can thank the complainers for the game you play today!
If you want the game to stall and remain exactly the same for the end of time…just sit back and clap!


I feel like you’re proving my point. Devs actually correspond with players, and address issues that we raise. Maybe I’ve been playing the wrong mobile games before E&P, but that’s a change from what I’ve experienced in the past.

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I really enjoy this game as well. It’s the only game I am currently playing and I hope it sticks around for a good long time. Anyone that’s passionate about anything will have opinions, but we shouldn’t feel the need to snipe each other. This thread was started for positive feedback and I just wanted to drop my two cents.


great game :slight_smile:

I really enjoy this game - I love that you can progress for free - it’s just slow as hell at times. I have invested only a little money and been rewarded with good cards - every time I hit a wall I wait patiently to get by it. I feel like the pay model is really one of the chance to accelerate the development of your team. Because I don’t need it at the moment and haven’t quite yet needed it again I’ll keep moving through. When the day comes I need a chance to accelerate something I will ponder investing a little more coin to do so.

I’ve been playing a few months now, and must say I’m enjoying the game. My alliance and I have had ups and downs ( alliance war pairings), but over all an excellent job by the coders, artists, and other developers.

I especially love the F2P of the game. Spending hundreds or spending none you can still be a force or a farce either way. Because of this I am my wife have regularly spent each month on the game as a way to support it.

I do wish troop summons came with an elemental pull like heroes do, wasting a lot of pulls trying for that last 4* troop and not even getting the right element lol. But then thems the breaks right?

I would also like to see more special events. These are great and I adore them every time we have them.

Thank you to all the staff.

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