Feeding the hungry

If my hero skill is maxed out 8 / 8. Does it matter what color Heroes I feed to them after that. Example if I have a purple hero and their special skill is maxed out already. Is there any advantage to just feeding them purple heroes or can I feed them any color hero to level them up and it will be the same

As far as I know, the answer is no. It seems when I rainbow feed a 1* is a 1* only matters when wanting a higher percentage for rolling a higher specials chance.

Can any pros verify this?

Except that feeding the same color gives 20% more exp. I never feed out of color. I would rather max every 4* I have and every useful 3* for events than to lose that fodder to max out a new 5* fast.


Forgive me for the possible dumb question… Is that 20% to the hero or to me as it were?

The hero. 20 chars etc etc.

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Thank you very much @Shenjairo

So long and short… not necessary BUT highly recommended to feed same color.

More efficient use of those 1s. But I’ve been known to use an offcolor on a “push-“ to max a chevron, for example, or when I’m sitting at 100 points from a level and am using that hero on a titan or special quest. Cheers!

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Not really. What Shenjairo said. Just feed with all the colors you want.

My usual way of upping is keep all the same colors and feed 10 in a go for max chance to up skill.
And just use others to keep feeding be it 1 or 10 of 1* or 2*.

The hero rises quicker, but you save ham.

Win, win.

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Well if you have all your farms and watchtower maxed, not much ham saving is required IMO.
I raid alot and I dont reroll much unless the opponent is below 30 trophies or I meet a GM/Guin as tank.

If Guin/GM tank and has 40 trophies and up, I will just go for the kill unless when I am close to top100.

Raid and win alot, gain all the recruits and train at tc19. You will level any hero fast. Dont forget to grind alot for that leather suit thingy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha. Loving TC19. Been grinding and using that a ton lately.

Okay as a person with little knowledge of the game you are saying to basically only level up with the same color even if they’re special skill is maxed out

Unless you have no other heroes to level, you will gain an experience bonus by using same colors, so it’s more efficient to use same colors.

If you are trying to level a hero as quickly as possible with no regard for efficiency, use matching colors until the special is maxed, and then throw everything at it until done.


Thank you very much I appreciate it