Feeding system

each month a new hero rolls out but whats the point of trying to summons him? based on the old painfully slow feeding and leveling system most players are still struggling and have invested into what they already have. just to spend money for a hero to sit in your rooster senseless. we need options on how to speed up the process of leveling it would make the game more fun and make you guys more money bc new heroes would be like new toys minus the frustration. in psychology creating a little tension is fun, creating endless frustration will cause burn out and loss of interest. :slight_smile:

Speed leveling is possible with the right strategie

Think @Tima had some helpful info on this


Punchline: rather then speed upgrade your heroes and catch 'em all, enjoy what you have and let them pass.


Prioritizing resources is part of the game, and a part that I quite enjoy. So right now, I’m leveling Thorne in blue, but if I pull Kiril, who has arguably a better special and will be faster to level, should I switch off to him? But that leaves me still waiting on my five-star tank. Heck, dilemmas like this are 90% of why this board exists!

In another example, I decided to max Rigard as fast as possible because he’s a great healer. But that meant I had to wait on my quicker-to-level Gill-Ra. I still think I made the right choice, but a maxed Gill-Ra would look pretty sweet in this week’s raid tournament.

Well, it’s not like they are going anywhere. If you are inclined to spend money (I’m not) because that hero brings something of value to your roster, you only have this limited time to get them (Atlantis excepted, of course). So get them while you can and level them when you have the opportunity. Beats the heck out of wishing you had them and then realizing they aren’t available (practically speaking) anymore. Roster space is cheap, especially relative to spending for a HotM.

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