Feeding Quintus to Gardian Panther

Any thought about feeding 2 5* quintus to Gardian Panther? Has anyone did it?

My initial reaction is not to feed away any 5* heroes that you might later want to use for war. If you have more than 6 Quintus, I guess you can.


I have 3 quintus but need to level up Gardian Panther. I don’t see how I to use Quintus.

Have you looked at how much XP you would get from eating a 5 star? Id probably eat more of mine if the return seemed worth it.

5* heroes even bad ones are rare enough for being feeders. You should never know what game feature will later require 5*.
It’s like I fed several 4* before Alliance Wars were introduced. Once it became clear that I need not 5 but 30 heroes I regret I wasted extra 4*.
Something similar could happen with 5*s. Something like trading or extra upgrade to a super-hero or something else.

I suspect that you’ll not gain a lot feeding a Quintus to Panther. So I’d keep them just in case.

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I see no reason to keep more than one quintus.
It isn’t too far of a stretch to say that Quintus is one of the worst 5* available, but I would still keep one because it is a 5*

I support feeding 2 Quintus to Panther.

I don’t mean to be a complete goofball… but I can never see a scenario where someone would spend the resources to bring five Quintus to a level acceptable for any kind of war depth. Many many 4* are more valuable and cheaper to get stronger faster than Quintus.

Very Slow, man, that’s gotta be a hard pass.

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Similar, not identical.

One speculative example of “something similar”: There has been talk about allowing heroes past their current maximum. If that happens, what will it require? Multiple copies of the same, perhaps? An Ultra-Quintus might well wind up considerably better than the current 5* heroes …

Other examples will be as speculative. But the clincher, to me, is that feeding a 5* does not give enough XP to even remotely justify passing up on even a hypothetical future use for 5* heroes.


If we live to see the day that Quintus becomes awesome because of multiple copies? I’ll hop all over TC20 until I get him.

For crappy season 1 5* heroes… I’m willing to take that chance.

On the other hand I have 3 Lianna.
I have FULL intentions of ascending all of them. one is 3/70, just waiting on a damascus blade. The others will be 2/60 as soon as I can.
If we can combine them for additional ascensions… I’ll be a happy girl!

Using any 5* for food seems incredibly foolish to me. You only get roughly 3X the leveling points of a 2* feeder. You can get 3 2* feeders in a couple of farming runs. It’s very hard to get any 5*. I’d much rather buy a few extra slots and sit on extra 5*s.

Once upon a time, Zero fed away one of his panthers (I believe he had 3 at one point). All of us can learn from his illustrious example.

If OP got enough 5* then it’s probably not a big loss.

At some point I can see it. I still have 5 of every HOTM since Greg and probably ate at least 2 of each. I ate 3 Ageirs because I will never use them or have the mats.

That’s the real issue. I have 5 star heroes so would love to level but I know I will never have the mats for. There are a few worth duplicating but not going 3 plus deep.

Honestly, I just hang onto them in the hopes that mats become easier to obtain or trading becomes available. I know it’s a ■■■ chance for either but inventory space is cheap enough (for now).

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My rule of thumb for duplicates is I’ll keep one dupe of limited time 4* & 5* heroes that are useful (Drake, Khiona, Hansel, etc.) and only one copy (no dupes) of the more useless ones or niche heroes (Aegir, Elkanen, Kadilen, etc.)

The only time I would keep more than two copies would be if it’s an amazing, A+ character, a favorite of mine, or because I’m bored and have no one else to level (Hel, Alby, Tarlak, Athena, etc.)

So to summarize: I would eat away your extra Quintus(es), but definitely keep one copy. I doubt there will ever be a time you’ll wish you wouldn’t have eaten that second and third Quintus, because it’ll be long time to absolutely never before you ascend the first one. Even if you do ascend him, it’s not like you’d ascend a second, and definitely not a third ever.

Just my thought on it. I’ve eaten Azlars, Drakes, Khionas, Elkanens, Kadilens and Justices and I haven’t regretted any of it. Already have one-two copies of each, didn’t need more than that, but I also hate looking at duplicates. Idk why, but it just doesn’t feel right having several clones of the same character in my bench… They feel like imposters, and I don’t like it, so two is as far as I’ll usually go.

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