Feeding Heroes: One at a Time vs. Ten at Once

not lucky but indeed that’s how you want to get up quickly. I have no video, but I have often experienced bane, azar, karil, friartuk all I use that way and I guarantee the skill increases

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Not only azar i doing this :smile::smile::smile:

Note: i feeding azar to azar 1 by 1. not at once


if there is a chance I will show you. but until now I haven’t got jahangir anymore :joy::joy::joy:


Actually, 3 Balthazars and seven 2* Purple can get you 103%, capped at 100%.


Don’t understand why everyone makes this so complicated. Just keep feeding 10x of the same color regardless of stars. The skill will max out sooner or later. If it’s a 4* hero, usually the skill would max out by 2nd or 3rd ascension.

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For 4* and 5* heroes, I completely agree. For 3* heroes – not so much. Even using matched-color training and no Trainers, it’s not unlikely to end up with the special not maxed. Of course at that point you can just keep feeding it, but that always seems wasteful of resources.

The highest odds come from feeding your 3* only 1* feeders until the special is maxed. So run TC1 to get only 1* heroes, then shift to TC2/4.


True for 3* that no guarantees that the skills are maxed by the time it is max leveled. To be honest, I have not maxed a single 3* as of date. :joy:

And yes, I never finish any event rare quests either. :laughing:


So there’s some bad math in here. What we’re really talking about is the expected value of a binomial distribution. The distribution is binomial because we have fixed odds (let’s say 2% using all 1* heroes as a demonstration) and a discrete, binary outcome (you either level of you don’t).

The expected value of a binomial distribution is actually given as:


where n is the number of trials and p is the probability. This accounts for multiple level ups. The probability of not getting no level ups is given by:


As a result? The two methods should be mathematically identical. But that isn’t quite the whole story. Since you can’t get 10, 9, or 8 level ups you would technically have to remove those events from the expected value:


Furthermore, that math assumes you have a special at 1 when you start. If it’s higher than 1 you would have to subtract off more terms. This makes almost no practical difference until you start at 6 or 7, at which point the odds really do shift slightly in favor of doing 10 at a time.

tl;dr: It makes almost no mathematical difference, but technically 10 at a time gives a better expected value even with multiple level-ups accounted for.


I just tried that with Isshtak, who’s maxed and at 7/8 – feeding Isshtak with himself and a stack of others of the same colour – and it dinna work. Chance was 52%, and I took it, to no avail.

I’ll wait for a couple more Valens and Priscas before I try again (with them, not with Isshtak!). Indeed, less than 100% is not 100%. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heavy thinking and writing, all, that’s given me heavy thinking too late at night. :smile:

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Basically it’s quite simple:

  • 10*one star heroes yields the best results for skills. For practical purposes don’t fret about it and don’t hesitate to throw two star feeders in the mix (otherwise you will clog up your storage for minimal gain).
  • Skills almost always fill up for four/five star heroes, generally the only issue is with three star heroes. Yes, I know there will be people who have the hatred of the RNG gods against them, but it’s really rare.
  • Considering that three star heroes can be reluctant to level skills: feed the extra three star heroes for your four/five stars.
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How about this analogy. You have ten small dice in your hand, each die has ten numbered sides, so the total number of sides is 100. You drop all ten dice onto the table, you’re trying to roll a 1 with any of the ten dice (10% odds that will happen), if you do get one die to land on a 1 then you win one special level. If two or three or all ten of those dice land on 1 then you still only win one special level.

On the other hand, you have one big die with one hundred numbers sides, you’re trying to roll a 1, but you get 10 chances this way (still 10% odds because you’re rolling 10 times). But in your 10 rolls you land on 1 three times, you win 3 special levels.

The odds were the same, 10%, but one way got you 1 special level maximum, and the other way “could” get you multiple special levels.


You mean isshtak feeding 1 isshtak and the skill doesn’t go up?

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If you 100 of 100 chances to skill up and it does not skill up then its a bug.
I dont think its the case…

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It’s not a bug but this game very very randoms
Summons = random
Chest loot = random
Titan loot = random
Special skill hero = random
All in this game random hahahaha… extreme random like a jackpot machine :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I never tried up to 100%, because my strategy is always successful and my hero all max skills first (hero 4* 5*)

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Then you shouldnt say that… Newbies might believe you…

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Say which one? :blush: please tell me. I don’t lie and I say honestly

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Just only 1* same color x 10. You won’t go wrong even if it doesn’t skill up sometimes.


Nonono… That’s absolutely wrong. The odds of ten independent draws of 1% is most certainly NOT 10%!!! It’s lower.

This is compensated by the multiple levels you might go up, if that wasn’t capped at 7!

Example to clarify:

A. 1 draw 100% =1 level up
B. 2 draws 50%= 0 level 25%, 2 levels 25%, 1 level 50% => On average the same 1 level.

But if we would do this excercise 7 times simply to get to the needed 8, method A. would guarantee the end goal, whereas method B most certainly wouldn’t be a guaranteed succes. Indeed, there’s even a very remote chance method B yields no levels at all. OTOH, even with the wildest luck in the universe, you would not get 14 level ups… 7 is the best result you would be able to get. IOW, method A would be by far the better option.

Now this is a very simplified example using 50% and 100% draws, but it shows the mechanism and why the ten draw method is superior. Considering we need to get 7 level ups, maximising the odds in a draw is better than gambling on multiple level ups with lower odds.

The reason why we still stick with 1 star heroes is the scaling of exp would limit the draws if we use higher feeder heroes (We reach the xp finish line too soon, which affects the efficiency of the excercise). That said, if it was just a matter of dinging special skills with no other consideration, maximizing the odds is clearly the way to go.

(not a guarantee that 100% will go up special skills)

there seems to be a misunderstanding. maybe I wrote it wrong I mean it doesn’t have to be 100%. Sorry, because I come from Indonesia, maybe my English is still not good enough :bowing_man:‍♂:bowing_man:‍♂:bowing_man:‍♂

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Thats more accurate and correct :smile:

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