Feeding hero with talent tokens – Are Emblems lost if you feed a Talented Hero to Another Hero? [ANSWER: Originally, yes, but later releases removed ability to use a Talented Hero as a Feeder]

Hi everyone,

Asking for an alliance member. She was wondering if you feed a hero with talent tokens active do you lose the tokens?

My instinct is yes but wanted to make sure.

(We are aware of reset tokens).


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I believe this was tested in beta and, yes, the emblems are lost.

Thank you for the confirmation.

That used to be the case, but you can’t choose to feed a Talented hero anymore.

Here I’ve removed Talented Scarlett from any teams and my Favorites:

Notice her listing when leveling up Ameonna:

The “Hero Has Talents” overrides the Favorites and “In Your Party” notices as the first priority message to show. Notice these heroes who are on teams and locked:


Very useful, thanks for taking the time to reply.