Feeding Clarissa with Telly pally scraps?

I’m thinking of resetting my Telly +9 and re levelling her to node 6, and using the balance of emblems (240 pally emblems) to take my Clarissa +8 to node 11.

Telly is already pretty sturdy and I think the net benefit to Clarissa (more attack nodes) would be significantly more than any net benefit to Telly, in light of the nerf.

I’d also like to change Telly’s pathway to health to boost her minions.

In this current version I went left to defence for node 2, rather than branching right to the eventual health node 3 (circled in white below). I guess I don’t mind the wait to accumulate enough to bring her back to where she is now.

What do y’all think :joy:


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I think you better wait couple of weeks to get a full grasp of the changes. It may come as a solutuon to move all emblems to Clara…

This way you will save a lot of ham and iron + eventually a 2nd reset token


Thanks, that’s a good point. Was thinking of doing it after war but hey…I may as well wait…

It’s just that I think Clarissa needs the extra damage more than Telly needs the defence … lol

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Right now, 85% of the Raid leaderboard still have Telly as a Tank.

Quite surprising tbh, although it can just be the most active players with the strongest attack teams.

I think that a couple of weeks will give much clarity.


For context:

Have Telly + 19 and Clara + 5. Also Vela +18 with the emblems ready for +19.

Was waiting to seen final versions and was planning to reset Clara to take Telly to +20.

However had put all emblems on hold until i see where all this will land - as don’t want to lose food and iron.
My personal experience last day after the nerf on the combo makes me not even think anymore of giving the +20 to Telly. Frankly have the feeling that high chance in following month will have to reset both Telly and Vela… but as I said will wait 2 weeks - 3-4 wars ( 4 wars will catch field aid, arrows and att buff) and we will all see what is the real situation. So that’s why gave the advice to wait a little - for sure i will be as the food and iron cost is huge for those decisions

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Ya good point. And I need my iron for levelling advanced Iron. I might just wait first as you said. But hmm…

People are heavily invested in the combo, so even if is much weaker it will take them time to get the mental strength to change ( in reality in the top
Is driven by wars, so this means that whole alliance need to think that they have to change to different color ). Also even if weaker than before - 30 Telly is better than 15 Guin or Ursena for the alliance imo

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Just out of curiosity, @Math4lyfe and @Rigs has the nerf changed the way you think about Telly? Or just business as usual with 30 warring Tellys lol


Bit early to say imo.
Since it affects both alliances and is still the best center combo, it probably will just lead to more points per flag again.

Hopefully there will be better chances for non geen tank alliances to win against a tel/vel-pumped one.

I’m so happy now in Misfit Toys with tank color rotation and even rainbow weeks. It’s much more fun than to organize a one and only heavy war def and move emblems around for small advantages.

A balanced game needs a balanced roster. :wink:


I imagine a lot of people are thinking about this sort of situation right now. I’ll give my thoughts on your situation and also use my own (different but conceptually similar) as a comparison / way to illustrate my thought process.


I think she’s still very good, post-rebalancing. It seems you do too, since you’re not talking about stripping her and feeding her to Aife or anything. :slight_smile: So, she’s still probably worthy of emblems.

I took her to +7 shortly before the balancing, feeling I’d be happy with that (I mean, I still want her on offense and stuff), regardless of the final changes.

Which creates one big difference between us; node 8 is particularly emblem expensive. So you get more out of resetting than I do.

Opportunity Cost

What I’d encourage you to do is to look at that through the lens of opportunity cost. There are two major costs that I see: where the emblems currently on Telluria will go and what you would otherwise do with the ham / iron you’ll essentially ‘lose’ by resetting her (really it’s pay those costs again to re-up her to +6 or whatever, but you gather my meaning).

  1. Other Paladins: you have a great candidate in Clarissa. My emblemed Paladins are Frida +7, Telluria +7, and Costume Sonya +14. All are performing great there and I’m disinclined at present to give more to any. My other maxed Paladins aren’t getting any: Aegir, Falcon, and Cyprian. I have some strong options (e.g., Clarissa, Heimdall, Richard) that could be good, but they’re not close to max. Conclusion: I’m happy to leave things as they are and store emblems for now. You have a very strong hero ready right now, so your cost (of leaving things as is) is much greater.

  2. What you’re talking about here is in the category of optimizing your roster. I imagine those heroes are performing fine right now. How high a priority is optimization? Here are some things that I think I’d value more highly: critical base building, essential event / titan items, and emblems for those who desperately need it. Personally, I don’t have any critical base building going on (what I’m doing I can keep up with). And I’m flush with items (I’d just be laying in greater stores, so this can’t be a priority). But I do need to spend emblems. Between the SGG emblem gift released with the rebalance and what I had stored (I was doing other stuff and didn’t have a comprehensive plan to spend the emblems, so they were accumulating for a while), I have a decent stash of emblems across the categories. I’ll probably move to spend these soon, so that’s where I’ll want to direct my iron and ham. I have no idea what your resource needs are, but I’d wait until you have no other pressing needs.


Personally, if I were in your situation I’d probably wait. We don’t really know how the Telluria change is going to shake out (in terms of how much Top 100 tank share she’ll hold, and how she performs in the current raid tournament may also be informative), and Clarissa is still a bit of an unknown right now. I’ve seen a surprising number of reports where people are underwhelmed. I get that she’s different, but Gravemaker is the correct comparison here, and she’s certainly NOT being talked about as nearly as impactful (which actually might mean she really DOES need those extra emblems).

Ultimately, you’ve played this game for a long time so you probably know this: patience is often rewarded. I wish I had saved more of my Atlantis coins until late in the season (because Ursena). I’m currently accruing a big pile of Valhalla coins. Those who rushed the AL have much ragrets. Those who drew extensively at the first costume chamber may have a costume with no underlying hero. If you stashed summon token from the time the first Path of Valor was announced you easily completed the summons mission. Someone in my alliance was trying to decide on the next red and I pointed out that Kong may become a cleanser and suggested trying to wait, if they could. The change dropped literally the next day. We almost always do better when we act with more information. In this case, a month or so should be enough time to get more clarity on the current Telluria and Clarissa builds, and that’s an acceptable amount of time to wait, I think.


Great thanks Ivy! :smiley: :grinning:

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Business as usual…

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Let’s face it, Telly is still a top tier tank - and a top tier tank that a lot of players have.

She might not be the (almost?) undisputed best tank anymore, but she’s still in the mix for discussion.

It’s hardly surprising to me that colour coordinated alliances would have picked her in the first place (availability and she was slightly OP) and it’s not surprising they’re not changing either.

If you can build better synergies around other top tanks, those might well be better defences… But you’d have to try it to see, and that could be expensive if it means shifting lots of emblems.

As for me… I still hold more cups with her in at tank than I do with BK, Delilah or Freya - they all hold me comfortably in diamond, but without a desperate candidate screaming for the emblems I’m in no rush to switch it permanently.


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