Feeding 3* troops to 4*

Got my 1st 4* yellow troop (Monastic Battlemages) from that epic troop token we got for the anniversary. I already have:

2 Devout Assassins lvls 1 & 4
2 Devout Battlers lvls 1 & 5
1 Exalted Guardian Consultant lvl 4

It seems like the only thing I would need 5 3* yellow troops for would be the Epic level of a challenge event. As I have no 4* or 5* yellow heroes I don’t think I’m going to be doing to many of those for a while. So I’m thinking of feeding lvl 1 Devout Assassins to my Monastic Battlemages.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Its a small amount of xp you gain and it leaves you underprepared I’d save them and feed the 6th 3* you get instead

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Never feed leveled up Troops. Wish someone told me that. No matter the star level

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Don’t feed leveled up troops, you should have leveled 2/3/4 star troops for events etc. But yeah I feed lvl 1 3* troops to 4’s all the time.

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