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What 3* hero’s are pretty much garbage and could be used as feeders? I currently have four 4* and thirty five 3* hero’s. I also have 2 TC13 running.

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Here are the ones I kept in case i ever need them:



Between the monthly events with specific color reflect and the Alliance Wars, unless you have about 60 4* and 5*, any 3* could be useful in order to stack up on a specific color based on the event or opponent. I’d rather spend some gems to increase how many heroes I can keep than feed one and regret it later. Since you “only” have four 4*, I’d say keep your thirty five 3* so you can be versatile in the events and AW.

Hell, I have even kept two fully leveled Sha Ji, because having a healer in AW can always be useful.


That’s a good point. I have increased my hero cap to 75 already. Maybe I’ll bump it up to 100 gradually. Certain hero’s like Gunnar with a passive ability I have less desire for keeping to help with war. I do like color stacking, so I will take your advise.

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Gunnar (and the Spirit Link special in general) can be quite helpful in certain events and for being able to take a hit for from a very strong hitter :wink:


I kept 1 of every 3 star, even with a maxed 4 star in each color and a few colors having a 2nd maxed 4 star. Most are still at 1-1 but you never know when they might come in handy.


So at what point would be a good time to start using 3* as feeders? 60+, 40+, or when I have 3-4+ duplicates of the same hero? I am grateful for the insight so that I don’t make decisions I’d later regret.

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Like I said in the post above your, I have 1 of each 3* hero. Any duplicates I use as feeders.


It might be worth keeping an extra of any 3* who’s really good, like Bane, just for doubling up when dealing with reflect colors during events. It’s not necessary, but it can be useful.
Also never use a special event 3* as a feeder if you happen to get one. Currently the only one is Squire Wabbit, from the seasonal Easter event, but if one exists, others are possible in the future.


Some are more valuable as duplicates as others. So I have Bane as a duplicate, but with no rush to level him and any additional Bane I might receive will be used to level that second Bane (my first one is already fully leveled). I would also keep a duplicate of healers. More than one duplicate for each does not appear to make sense. Heroes like Graymane, and pretty much all the ones with slow mana generation are not worth keeping a duplicate IMHO.


I think that’s what my plan will be.

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Remember 4x Bane (or other hero) = 1 full special skill up for a 5th Bane. :slight_smile:

in order to make best use of food, i don’t feed trainer heroes or 3-4 star heroes i’m feeding until the final 10 levels. So at 4/60 for a 4 and 4/70 for a 5 star.

unless i did a big bunch of 10x and need to clear space for pulling from TCs.

That’s going to be tough. Lol I’ve been saving my trainer hero’s until my first 4th ascension. I’ll try to resist using them prematurely. Thanks for the tip. (Currently holding 15 trainer hero’s)

Keep at least one of each 3*. Keep duplicates of the following for AW and Special Events:
Purple: Balthazar (fast hitter), Tyrum (debuffer)
Yellow: Bane (fast hitter), Kailani (spirit link)
Green: Belith (healer), Brienne (attack buff), Berden (fast hitter)
Blue: Valen (fast hitter), Gunnar (spirit link), Ulmer (AoE)
Red: Hawkmoon (healer), Nashgar (tank), Azar (fast hitter with mana reduction)

And of course, save the wabbit.

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There is no reason to keep many of the crappy 3 stars once you have 4s. Most of the junk 3s (i.e. the ones not on your list) can be feed away.

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I keep all my leveled 3* heroes. (And even my maxed 2* Layla, 'tho when I get enough maxed 3* purple hitters she might become food) They are still useful to me, and if I feed them, ~90% of the XP that went into them is gone.

At first, I kept all 3* (or better) heroes that I got even ones I wasn’t going to level/use, just for my last rounds in war. They did finish off a few weak teams or what somebody had almost killed with a good team. And are way more useful than a team of 2* feeders!

That means 30 heroes kept. Since I might want a mix of colors, instead of 6 of each color, I keep as many as 8-10 per color. (Total including both leveled and unleveled heroes)

As I run TC13, and as I do more epic/event/elemental summons, I’m getting to the point where my unleveled 3* heroes are being replaced by unleveled 4* heroes and even an unleveled 5* hero.

I plan to keep one of each 4* hero, currently am hoarding a second of each one I get, regardless of quality, but that is only two today. Ultimately, I expect to only keep one of each plus any extras I’m thinking of leveling/using.

Now I’m just keeping the 3* heroes I plan to use for challenge events. My list looks a lot like what @NPNKY posted, with a couple additions:
Purple: Oberon (AoE; maybe I’ll level him?)
Green: Carver (AoE with mana reduction)
Yellow: Gan Ju (fast hitter with mana reduction like Azar)

I decided I don’t need to keep a copy of one of each 3* though. I will be getting a lot more of them, want them or not.

There are two reasons to hoard trainers and extra 3*\s for high level feeding:

  1. They suck at improving special. Don’t use them before your special is 8/8.
  2. They give a lot more XP, but cost the same food to add compared to othe feeders.

BUT. The cost to feed a single hero is a function of stars and level, not ascension rank. It is double at level 51 what it is at level 1, as part of a full gradual pattern.

My plan is to hoard them until at least level 51, or better yet, using them all at the end to get my hero up to level 60 for ascension.

Or if I get a new one and have a hero already in that range, I use it right away.

I seem to be getting a lot of trainers lately. Right now 10 of them, but I just ascended Caedmon, and when he gets around level 50, I’ll use 9 of those.

I’ve already got 90 slots, and will probably buy up to 95 or 100 soon:
~20 developed heroes
~25 hoarded unleveled 3~4* heroes

That leaves ~35 for 1-2* feeder heroes; was less when I had more trainers hoarded, but I prefer having 35~40 feeder slots so I can build up batches of 10 in most colors…

If I had a 4* 3/50 hero with their special maxed, I’d happily feed them trainers, rather than hoarding. Or a 5* 2/50, same thing but better yet.


I’ll at least wait to feed trainer hero’s until final ascension. I have 3 4* hero’s at 3-60, just waiting on items.
Thanks for all the insight on what you’ve done so far! For now I’ll keep at least one of each hero.

I forgot about those 3 (Oberon, Gan Ju, and Carver). I use them occasionally too.

You are wasting a lot of (potentially saved) food if you feed trainers to a 4* 4/1 (cost 3000 food per hero) instead of a 4* 3/58. (cost 6420 food per hero). I wouldn’t do it at 3/5x myself if the special still wasn’t 8/8 though.

If you do it at 4/58, you pay the same (6420) cost as 3/58…or you can wait 'till 4/68 when it is 7020 food, but you have to keep working around that trainer hero for the better part of a month, at least at the rate I’m leveling my heroes.

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