Feedbacks about the new features that will be added in 2019

he year 2018 is almost coming to end and it has been quite a ride in the land of Empires & Puzzles! We would like to thank the whole community for your dedication and support. We also wanted to share some very exciting improvements we are currently cooking for the year 2019. So keep reading!

2018 saw several major additions:

  • Alliance Wars (March)
  • New Challenge Events (January: Knights of Avalon and May: Fables of Grimforest)
  • New & Updated Seasonal Events (Spring, Summer, Halloween, and Christmas)
  • Season II (Atlantis) of the Story (August)

2019 will bring even more, exciting things into the game!

Hero Classes (going live early 2019)

  • Major new feature! All fully ascended heroes can be evolved further by unlocking new Talents and stat bonuses from a Talent Grid.
  • 10 new Class Quests from which to collect the Class Emblems needed for unlocks

Weekly Raid Challenges* (*working title)

  • Brand new game mode!
  • New Raid Event every week with special rules and cool rewards!

Details shown in the screenshot are subject to change

5th Challenge Event: Wonderland (*working title)

  • Theme : ’Wonderland’
  • 5 Heroes with all-new specials

Examples of Heroes and Enemies of the Wonderland Event

New Buildings

  • In 2019 we’ll be adding several new buildings as well as upgrades to many of the existing ones

Details shown in the screenshot are subject to change

Finally…Something Cool for Old Heroes

  • In 2019 we’ll be adding something new and exciting for many of the familiar heroes…stay tuned for more information next year!

Details shown in the screenshot are subject to change

We hope you are as excited about these new features as we are!
Happy Holidays and Best of Luck for the New Year 2019 to all our players!

-Small Giant Games team

In my honest opinion the game is good as it’s right now. SG has already been losing credibility by adding those Christmas cartoonist characters and there are more to come for 2019. The graphics for the new buildings are like wow…who has been given the privilege of making these birthday cake buildings? Like, seriously it doesn’t match or fit the game style at all compared to the current buildings. The idea of evolving the heroes now to achieve extra stats or skills is another kick in the nutts and hope this is not added to the HOTM heroes or requires a bunch of extra ascension items to get them evolved. Seems exactly to the Hawk Freedom Squadron game adding more evolving features just for the $$$ and lastly the idea of adding costumes to the heroes??? Like wow…I thought Halloween season was long gone but I guess it’s back. Just looking at that Chef Boldtusk makes me nauseous and the game is quite losing it’s sense.

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There’s quite a long discussion about the upcoming updates, you should join in :slight_smile:

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This isn’t feedback, this is crying.

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