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Yes. Agreed. Mainy 3 stars given out now. Lucky to get a 4 star much less a. 5.

You can’t make that kind of conclusions just for buying a few singles and few 10 packs. You just got more lucky on the singles than the 10-packs.

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I’m very annoyed to have x spent 50 euros (which for me are many, no matter how much gain) and did not find any 5-star player …
I feel cheated
I hope you give me a refund or at least a 5-star hero because you’re not doing that right

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This game is starting to get really annoying because people who cant afford to buy gems have to save a lot of them and ir takes time. I save 300 gems to call a hero and lately i just get 3 stars heros . I have spent 1200 gems and my hero tokens just give 3* heros how the hell am i supose to evolve compared to other players?..

Game was designed for you to take out your credit card and start spending.

4 draws and nothing but 3* heroes is exactly what I would expect. You’re supposed to continue to progress your base, start doing training camp 13 (3* heroes with a chance of 4*) and progress slowly. The people that you see with tons of 5* heroes have likely spent hundreds on the game. So keep building varied teams, keeping level different heroes, and progress yourself personally.


If spending is involved in a game, it’s unreasonable to expect that you should be able to stay completely on Par with those who invest a bit of their cash towards it. If that were the case nobody would spend and the game wouldnt exist. Be glad that this game does quite well in keeping the game currency flowing. Many games reward little to none just for playing the game.

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I done about 70-80 summons so far and not one 5* card yet so they are quite rare. I got a full team of 4* cards but to get to 5* cards you will need to spend thousands which I don’t plan on doing. Just going to play casually now and move on to a new game that is not so expensive.

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It’s all about odds. If you buy a lottery ticket that has a 1 in 1 million chance, you’ll have one chance. If you but 10, you’ll have a 10, 1 in 1 million chances. (And yes, I know that it’s not necessarily a 1 to 1 comparison, but for simplicities sake…)

It is essentially the same for heroes. If there’s a 10% chance to draw a 5* card and you buy the 10x chance, each chance only has a 10% chance for a 5*. You could get lucky and get 3-5s or you could be unlucky and get all 3s (and I have had both scenarios happen).

Buying gems gives you more opportunities to get the better heroes. Essentially all that does is “fast track” you to the higher levels. Can you get there without spending money? Absolutely. It will take you longer than those who spend money though. Basically due to the fact that you are having limited chances at the higher cards. Hope that helps.

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Doesn’t every app charge you to be the best these days? Very few allow you to get everything for free…

For what it is worth - I was stuck like you, I used a small itunes GC I won and it gave me enough to keep going for another month before hitting another wall. I lucked into some good cards on that pull, I’d say 75% have been 3*, 20% 4* and I did get one 5*. Ares was on a freebie epic token, if you can believe it, but the pull itself was a 3*.

I’ve come to appreciate the strategies that are required to be proficient at titan battles, raids and the game. The last few levels are brutal…until you figure out that a 3* may be the key to beating the game…

But, I think all of us empathize with what you are going through.


You don’t have to wait that long to kick them if it’s your alliance. You can boot whenever you feel like :slight_smile: The game doesn’t kick members from an alliance for you regardless of activity. If you’re sure they’re gone just do it…

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Summoning is very expensive business. It is all random. A bad roll doesn’t make next one more likely to be a good one. Having a hero doesn’t not drop the chances to get it again. I got 4 Elena’s before I got Marjana. So even if you got lucky and got a 5* it might be the same one you already had.

This is how f2p games work. A small part of the players pay for the game while a big part of players play for free. It has to be expensive to make enough money.

Last time I did a long summoning spree was at the pirate event. I got 5* heroes at the rate of 4% of the rolls. So yeah, it is a very small chance.

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I needed a 4* healer. I pulled one elemental summon just now and got Rigard. Therefore, the summon gate is awesome and doesn’t need to be fixed. And yes, that really happened!

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I know this is merely repeating what countless others have said, but if you spend for a 10 hero roll you should be guaranteed at least 1 5 star hero and maybe 2 4 star heroes.

It is incredibly depressing to spend approximately $28 on something and get all useless 3 star heroes and maybe just one or two 4 star heroes that you already have.

I feel like I’ve reached a point in the game where rolling for more heroes is not worth the expense since only a small amount of 5 star heroes would be of any use to me. Why spend around $28 for a tiny tiny chance of getting something useful?

In the past as a beginner if I got a Grimm, Boldtusk or Wu Kong it would have still been excitting. Now, only a 5 star would benefit me.

I couldn’t agree more. Once you get to a certain point (which varies for everyone, for me it was when I had my TC20’s going) the ROI is so poor it’s just not worth it to roll much, if at all. The best time to spend on summoning is at the beginning, when you first start, because even then a 3* is awesome.


Yeah… I spent like $7 when I first started. Just got my third TC13 up, and I already feel like I don’t want to spend any additional money for hero summons because really… chances of 5* are so low… and I’m gonna regret anything more than $5 lol.

(Related / unrelated: I’m sure this is why the devs nerfed incoming food from raids. I WAS really easy for me to get all three TC13 rolling… it’s gonna be really challenging for me to keep them going with very poor raid results.)

I have some sympathy on this subject. It must be disappointing to buy rolls and not receive the heroes you want. But:

  1. If you were guaranteed a 5* (!!!) and two 4* heroes for every 10x summons, high level heroes would proliferate very quickly. It is supposed to be hard to get high level heroes. A player is supposed to have to spend a great deal of money, grind for a very long time, or get very lucky.

  2. For all except the latest of late game players, 4* heroes are always useful. You’d need to be a very late game player even to find ten 3* heroes useless. I’m pretty late game myself and I’d commit some quiet atrocities in return for ten 3* heroes. Appreciate them. They’re lovely.

  3. The brutality of low probability randomness keeps the game viable for F2P players (who can get lucky), and ensures that high spenders don’t automatically dominate (very high spenders can - good luck to them, they fund the game). Keeping F2P players competitive is a big challenge for games like this, and is important to E&P’s long term survival.

  4. Spending is not compulsory, and hero summons are less likely to generate 5* heroes than TC20. If you’re behaving in an economically rational sense, you would only spend money on a summons if you desperately wanted a HOTM or event hero, or were intolerably impatient to obtain high level heroes. But if you’re intolerably impatient then this probably isn’t the right game for you: it’s all about patience.

So no guarantees, please. Summons are like little lotteries, as are many other aspects of the game. Buy them for fun, if you must, and be pleasantly surprised when you win. But don’t rely on getting anything good unless you’re willing to spend a fortune.


Seems like it’s even harder these days getting anything other than 3 stars on the elemental summon. Ive lost count how many times I’ve summoned lately. ALL 3 stars. Really getting to the point I may just quit. At least a while back I’d get the occasional 4 star. Those days it seems are done. Sad how developers ruin games by doing things like this thinking they’ll get more money when really it just runs a lot of folks who DO spend off.

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Common heroes should be eliminated in Daily Summon Gate.
Daily Summon is only once or twice which means quite rare chance of getting heroes.
We want at least uncommon or higher heroes or troops.
If I get useless common heroes from the special gate, that really makes feel bad and disappointed.

They are numerous in training camps. We don’t want common class heroes in Daily Summon Gate.

Epic, event and elemental summons should only include 4 and 5 star heros for the cost of them. It’s extremely ridiculous to do a 10 pull on these gates and get 2 and 3 star heroes. SG, please show your customers they mean more to you. I hope you realize the reason this game has stayed afloat is that it has an amazing community, unlike any most of us have come across. It is this community commitment that makes E&P what it is.

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