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Elemental summon is NOT fair
Summon gate is of no use
Fix this issue - % chances summon gate
When it comes to buying Gems
Summon drops

I just destroyed 7800 gems to elemental summon (fire). What did i get? Not Marjana, not Elena, not Boldtusk, not Hel. Just three star heroes and couple of Kellies which I already had. Last time I spend money in this game :frowning:


OMG you got that right. The drop rate for legendary heroes is WAY too small. If they fix anything it needs to be that! But i dont think they really care so im not expecting anything.


Don’t they have guaranteed hero packs though? I’m sure I’ve seen them…

This one only shows a 3*…have they ever gone higher?


I rolled 7200 gems and got 4 four star cards and all the rest 3 three star cards. Rolled like 10 EPIC tokens and mostly three star cards. Getting anything in this game is like winning the lottery. There will be no money from me going to this game for sure. It is starting to get way way way boring now doing the same repetitive stuff over and over with no new content or quest at all.


They’ve never guaranteed anything higher than a 3* so far, Rook.


Pity. :unamused:

Someone’s doing something wrong…


Hi, for 4 months now I’ve been trying to get a nice holy hero using the 300 gems summon (when it’s Holy Heroes, ofc). It seems to be rigged for me since each time I’ve tried, it gave me Bane. So now I’m wondering if it’s worth getting gems at all :slightly_frowning_face:


How many times have you tried? Bane is one of the selections…are you just having a spate of bad luck? :worried:


I want to tell EP, from now on I will not spend any money to this game, I purchased the $139.99 which is yours Max product for 12500 gems, however I didn’t get even 1 5* heros, tell me " is this a joke? " please respect all customer’s every dollars they spend!! I know I am the the only one, but please do respect !


I didn’t count but I’d say around 6/8 times so yes maybe just a string of bad luck, but why always Bane ? There are other 3* heroes if they don’t want to give you a 4 or 5*:flushed:


That’s phenomenally bad luck. Bane isn’t a bad hero btw. I still use him against certain Titans. Sorry you keep seeing his smirking mug!


Interesting. I am just collected enough gems to summon yellow element and got Bane as well. Other element summons got me 4 and 5 star heroes.


First, ouch.

Second, I’ll agree that the math doesn’t pay off to spend money on the game at the current rates of gem value and actual value in spending gems.


I got the $3.99 offer and it wasn’t even worth the crap I got. four 4* cards in total and whole lot of 3* cards that are totally useless. So glad I paid only $3.99 instead of the $60-$70 it would have costed. Even if they bring back that $3.99 offer not sure I want anymore 3* cards, would probably use it for troop summons or speed building instead. The summon rates are pure crap.


Someone is not paying attention.
Everytime I do elemental summon (since Athena) I only get 3* heroes, and a lot of repeated ones.
Same for epic and holy summon, only 3* and almost all of that same nature.
It even looks like the daily free summon…

What’s going on? A bug? A glitch? Or worse???


Its called probability. When you make 3* cards at 90% appearance rate and 4* cards at 9% appearance rate you end up with huge credit card bills. LOL


Still, I don’t like it…:persevere:


You are not alone in that. I have pulled Bane once seven times in a row. Seven. clearly a tweaked random.


It’s weird. I’ve found it’s almost streaky. When I was attempting to get Athena, I pulled thirty heroes originally. Twenty were 3*, ten were 4*, zero 5*. In my next set of ten the next day, I pulled three 5*, two 4*, and five 3*, along with Athena. Now that’s a pretty good sample size, and if I were intelligent, I would have quit after the first two dozen fails. Thankfully, I’m not very intelligent.

There’s a lot of inconsistency with this, but I don’t believe it’s a glitch. It’s simply a version of gambling. Generallt speaking, gambling has notoriously bad odds. As they say, the house always wins.

There’s ways to fix this on some level; For example, developing a new algorithm starting at low odds and increasing exponentially in order to improve your odds over time of a successful draw. This is demonstrated roughly as follows:

First draw —> 3% chance at 5*
-----If unsuccessful in attaining one of the two----
Second draw —> 6% chance at 5*
-----If unsuccessful again-----
Third draw —> 9% chance at 5*
" "
… etc.

Now my numbers are obviously rough examples, but you figure on the 10th draw, you have a pretty solid shot of getting something at 30%. But this system, too, has its downsides. That being said, I wouldn’t hold my breath until something “fair” is added. They know what they’re doing, and they’re turning a very hefty profit the way it’s set up, because for someone like me who used to throw money at the game(pre-boycott), I saw it as an investment. The more you’re invested in it, the more likely it is that you’ll protect that investment by spending more.