Feedback on polls. Remove the option 'not at all on defence' in the raid defence questionnaire

@Guvnor I have my reasons why. It revolves around offense oriented heroes.

  1. especially for these heroes, it is very easy for a voter to look at it and just press ‘not at all on defence’ in a heartbeat. It would be much interesting to see what the voter thinks if given the situation to put that hero on defence.

  2. it gives other players (like c2p) an opportunity to see what position this hero could be used even on defence. As heroes are hard for some of them to come by, these heroes may be the only ones they can use on defence. So they may get a feel of what the majority thinks.
    Also raid Def is arguably more valuable than raid offence. To have these heroes be majority ‘not at all on defence’, it might demoralise them

  3. there is already an questionnaire for offence. Adding that option on Def poll is just redundant. And what’s the point of asking this if the majority is going to vote it’s not at all on defence on a raid defence question, defeats the purpose.

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