Feedback: ascension items

I am still a relatively new player, only in the level 20’s. I have a 5 star hero, the rest are 3 stars.

I can’t advance my 5 star any further due to lack of ascension items, particularly trap tools.

Trap tools are available in the new event, but only if I place in the top 10 of the advanced tier. A tier where I can’t even complete stage one.

Can I craft them? No.
Can I buy them? No.
Can I trade gems for them? No.
Can I earn them? Yes! But only by performances far, far, too far, above my abilities. Like top 10 advanced tier event, or A+ loot tier VII of a ? star titan.

If an item is a necessity for the ascension of any hero, there should be an accessible way to obtain one. For example: Province reward, alliance trade system, gem swap, maybe even an alternative to the daily summons…use your summon token on a chance for a small ascension pack.

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Mystic Vision. Wanted chests. Any tier on titan (if not all most), rare quests

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I’m happy if those work for you, but I have yet to see a single high level ascension item from events, or wanted missions. Today, I received fine gloves from mystic vision! I normally get food, iron, gems, maybe a token.

I will withhold my opinion on titans, as I may not have encountered one that drops the really good stuff.

It is not about the titan, but the tier. Each tier drops a certain amount of ascension items that can be anywhere from 1 to 4 stars

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I suspect you just haven’t played long enough. Those of us who have been here for awhile have obtained ascension items (I’ve got enough to lvl seven 4*).

The real issue is you have a 5*. Those require really rare ascension items. After five months, I still don’t have enough 5* items to level ANY 5*…so I focus on 4*, and find my game isn’t in any way set back.

You can:

  1. put the 5* on the back burner while building your 3* and seeking out 4*
  2. spend $$ trying to gather 5* ascension items whenever available
  3. quit the game

Titans DO have those elusive 5* items, but only at much higher levels, so I do encourage you to take path 1. Path 2 is fine, but you will be frustrated, because your focus is ONLY on 5*, and not on the full range of the game available to you, and with only 3* anc an undeveloped 5*, you won’t reach the upper Titans you need. (I’m not saying don’t spend, just be aware of what you’re trying to buy.)

Best of luck!

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Good to know! All I want for Christmas is a 4* lol

I have maxed levels on all 3* heroes, and I am focusing on maxing their special skills while “cooking” an epic (one at a time!)

Cross your fingers for me…I have cooked, I dunno, 4 or 5?, all 3’s, and figure the game will eventually throw me a bone.

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It will, fear not. In the meantime you can try to raise another training camp to level 13 to cook two at a time :slight_smile:


Some folks using a TC13 get a 4* right out of the gate, others take longer. Using two training camps lvl 13, it took me just over a month to make ONE 4*. But then I had a new 4*, go me!

Just don’t get discouraged; it’s a process. :wink:


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