Feedback and Discussion on Emblems for cash in Springvale 2019 Offers

First offer not based on gem price … and its 70 emblems for cash… guess a pricepoint for emblems has been set … let the gap widen :frowning:


Looks like a pretty bad offer to me…maybe those with endless cash will go for it. BTW they do have emblem offers in the shop every now and then, it isn’t new.


The shop offer is minor gems … this is first straight cash for emblems

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Its a lot of dosh for not many gems and less than you need to progress a 5* 1 step along the talent tree. I can’t see that its a big deal in any sense of the words.


This is a decent amount more emblems than the gem offers that occur, iirc.

Still if the offer is only 4times a year during seasonal events it’s no big deal.


I don’t think being able to buy 70 emblems one time is reason to raise the DEFCON level. :roll_eyes:


I have a fear this will be the first of many cash for emblems … especially if it sells well


It looks to me that the flow of emblems is being managed to not get out of hand, similar to 4* mats.

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If my math serves me, it costs 350 gems to get 20 emblems, so 17.5 gems per emblem. If you factor in a 50% discount rate because the gem deals are frequent enough then it’s 8.75 cents per emblem.

This one is $7 USD for 350 gems and 70 emblems. At the same discount rate (50%) its $5.25 for 70 emblems, or 7.5 cents per emblem.

So it seems, if my math holds, to be a bit better deal than the straight up gem deal. Still expensive though.


Team Chat

From team chat

Normally, it is 1,225 gems for 35+35 emblems ( so $12.25 to $14.98 USD depending on how you buy your gems ) so $6.99 USD is a cheaper. Plus 350 gems will buy 2x 5+5 emblems in shop or 1 Atlantis summons.

Rate of emblems

Class quests are 18+18 x104 or 1,872+1,872 Per year.

Challenge events are 35+35 x12 or 420+420 per year.

So even if the next four days are 35+35 that would only be 35+35 x5 x4 or 700+700 per year. Or 30.54% the emblems from Class quests and Challenge events.

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No one is forced to buy it’s optional all depends on if you need/want them
Money wise 1 level on talent grid and 1 Atlantis summon for 7,99€ not worth it for me !!!
Dam I just did some numbers you are right it’s exactly that 4th stage for sartana and 10+ 11 for Gretel that’s weeks of hoarding emblems but is it really worth it hmm I’ll sleep on it !!

350 gems and 70 emblems for the price of a big Mac meal.

I bought it. I’ll skip lunch tomorrow :slight_smile:

Edit : kiril went from +10 to +12 and Azlar went from +4 to +5.


But it is only in seasonal events which are 4 times a year.

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Yeah, that offer will widen the gap SOOOO much.


Lel, getting six pack abs AND upgrading heroes.

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Never mind. No secret that one can buy decent advantages.

See, I wen’t on the aggressive side of gem buying - where you get 200 for a buck on the challenge events as an example.

Oddly and counter-intuitively, DEFCON level goes down to indicate a higher level of panic / readiness. I…don’t know why. :thinking:


Because the government never does things that make sense! :rofl:


As CTP, I won’t buy it but I, for one, am fine with this offer.

The devs have are in the business of making money.

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