Feeble fables!

Wow! I’ve given up! Cant beat red hood at the end of epic! Maxed talent 5 kirin, maxed chia talent 5, maxed sabina talent 5, skits 3/60 and maxed Triton! 45 minutes, 2 missed (ignored work calls) stiff it!

That took some fun out of this game for me! I only wanted a sturdy shield!

I also want to own red hood, what an AH!

Just so people know how to respond to your post — do you just want to vent, or would you like advice on beating the last stage?

Either is totally fine, just want to be helpful. :slight_smile:


Maybe he’s looking for someone answering his calls while throwing axes at her :wink:

Never mind and try again.
I also had to end a battle of last xmas event, since I had to go to work.

For the record…

Axes, Arrows, Bombs and Mana Potions will help you defeat it.

Fire all hero specials, all battle items, charge up your strongest hero for another shot at redhood. You’ll win.


Perhaps idea,
Kiril 4/70, Grimm 4/28, Cyprian 3/60, G.Jackal 4/70 and Sonya 4/70
Axes and carpet bomb, super antidote
Charged all heroes to the final stage, fired off all special with focus on Rumpe, took him out first, then RH and finally Boss wolf became a sitting duck.
Used 4 axes and 3 bombs only.

Vent but ultimately advice! I had bombs, axes, arrows and health potions! Didn’t think of going back in with mana!

Knowing me, I’ll be back on that lady in red tomorrow!


Maybe top up Sabina and Chao with mana to ward off Boss wolf’s reposte and keep red from charging?

Skittleskull is a bit of a weak link - liability against reposte and slow to charge…do you have alternative?


Not a great deal! Kashrek? 3/17 is my next best 4*

I just did epic with:

Sabina +3; Triton +3; Caedmon +3; Wu Kong 4/70; Melendor 4/52.

I came in charged up, emptied Triton and Caedmon onto Red Hood. Then I carpet-bombed with 5 axes and 5 bombs. Fired Wu Kong and started doing 100-300 points per tile. When Boss Wolf went off, immediately used a small antidote (3 used, I think), if anybody got down to 50% hitpoints, gave a medium mana to whichever of Sabina or Melendor was closer to full and healed (twice, I think). I took everybody out with all five heroes still standing.

I wasn’t shopping for a shield or a compass, but I can’t complain, either. I just wish Wilbur would stop insisting that he’s a Sushi chef now, so needs “ninja chef knives” to go any further… Waiting till tomorrow to try to finish legendary (did the first 3 levels or so). (First time I forgot to change my team from Wonderland and ended up running away in terror for being doubled in red…)

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My team was Jackal Grimm Caedmon Rigard Wu. Jacksl and Wu with emblems. No items used. Extra damage from The double-Yellow, combined with defense downs and Wu, killed Hood before she fired

Mono red is really good this event, give that a try!


I haven’t tried Epic , started Legendary (not yet finished)

I’ll let you know how I do… Considering leveling Gobbler or Blue Diamond Captain just for red hood…but I’ll know in a few hrs


20 red heroes

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Red Hood in epic is a sick joke. Basically invincible. Just a waste of time and resources. Whenever I think the brain trust of this game can’t get any worse they proof me wrong. Hey you only want the top 1% percent to have a chance at this then say so and stop this sick joke.


Red hood is not too hard to beat. Take a mono blue team in m, use axes arrows bombs and mana. Done.

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For the record… im definitely not the 1% in this game. But I have beaten epic and legendary every event since feb 2018.

Okay, so I’ve ranted and vented. Now here is the real thing. I like the game and I like a challenge and I know it’s about money in the end. But really, you guys screwed up here. I can’t think of a better way to discourage people from playing then making it impossible to win. I know you don’t care about one voice of discontent but one voice can become a multitude.

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If you want help beating the challenge, just ask. Im sure one of us can look at your roster and give you assistance. Thats what the community is for

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Would a team of Grimm, Kiril, Wu, and Melendor at 4-70 and Rigard at 3-60 get the job done?


In Epic? Yes. Take the items i mentioned (bombs, axes, arrows, mana) and make sure your specials are fully charged heading into the boss levels.