Fed troops Yellow (Holy) different XP for 1*

I was playing around leveling my troops… and noticed that I get the following

1* troop is 64XP (Except yellow it’s 40XP, I wonder if this is a bug)
2* troop is 90XP
3* troop is 200 XP

Everything else seems fine except it costs way to much in food to level up… but I’m guessing that is normal…

I’m being robbed…
All my 1* troops give me 40 XP since I Stat playing.

I want my extra 24xp from all the feeded 1* troop. :sob:

Do you have any screenshots?

If it was a bug, you don’t want it to be fixed… Actually, all 1* are supposed to give 40xp


Can you post a screenshot? :+1:

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Screenshot please?

I just checked each different troop type (4* and 3*) and only saw 40XP for 1* feeder troops.

I’ve just checked that 1* troop gives +40XP in any color to any other troop, including a copy of the same troop.

If you got +64XP from a 1* troop it could have been a trained troop (more than level 1).

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64 xp is gained from feeding a lvl 4 1* troop…

I know this because I keep my 1* troops consolidated. Don’t want my troop rosters growing so big it causes lag while selecting troops.


And why would anyone have lvl4 1*troops?

But guess this is the solution!

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Yep, just realized a while back, I had tons of 1* yellows and made tons of 1* Level 4 heroes… that’s why the 64XP… I’m going to cancel this thread… sorry about the mix up…

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Thanks for the replys… I spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure why it was doing it… and then well I thought it was a bug… then I went back in it and noticed it… and also noticed that KLinMayhem caught it… thanks again

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Can somebody please close the post? I can’t seem to be able to…or don’t know how

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Only reason I knew it was because 10 1* lvl 1 gets a another 1* up to lvl 4. Then I’ll feed those lvl 4 1* to other troops that I use in 3*/4* hero raid tournaments. :grinning:

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That’s exactly why I did it… and also because I had over 400 1* troops… I wanted to dwindle it down…


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